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24. Meanwhile, Sally Has Urges

23. Safe at Last

22. Roberto's Play Takes a Detour

21. Fear and Lust Confuses Mark

20. Mark's Goals and Desires

19. Mark is Committed Now

18. Sally's Alone at the Club

17. Retrieve the Amulet

16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

6. Opportunity Knocks for Mark

5. Was it Good for You?

Meanwhile, Sally Has Urges

on 2023-10-03 23:26:39

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2013. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

"I'll be back before you know it," Eliza said with a wink.

Sally admired the curve of Eliza's ass in the tight little skirt as she sashayed away into the adjoining room of the suite she'd brought Sally to. 'What the hell am I thinking, I'm married!' Sally chastised herself when Eliza was out of view. 'Married hell, what am I thinking with? I'm a woman, sort of, I guess.' Wandering over to the mini-bar, her mind in a turmoil of confusion, Sally looked into the large mirror behind the bar. The reflection showed the image of her husband Mark, a good looking man in his prime, a man who stood a little over six-one. Sally moved her hand to her face and watched the man in the mirror do the same. She could feel the slight scratch of impending stubble on her face. Seeing Mark in the mirror reminded her again of the crazy circumstances, that Mark was now her, a woman, a very attractive woman! Not just attractive, Sally smiled remembering Mark dance, Mark was hot, smoking hot! Just thinking about Mark was making her hard. The erection felt demanding, which in turn made her think about Mark and what she'd like to do to him in that delicious little body he had now, which made her dick even harder and more demanding, which made ...

"I see you've been thinking about me," Eliza whispered into Sally's ear.

Derailed from her runaway fantasy and feeling embarrassed at being caught as it were, Sally turned to see Eliza only inches away. Glancing downward, Sally was stunned ... "Holy shit!"

"I've had nicer compliments, but none quite so honestly visceral as yours, so thank you," Eliza smiled.

Eliza's full red hair was a fire cascade about her bare creamy shoulders. The swell of her breasts, although much smaller than Mark's Sally noted, were held forth as a bountiful twin serving by a black leather bustier held together in front by a separate center panel with snaps on both sides that were already hard pressed to continue doing their job. Below the twin mounds, a smooth expanse of ivory skin curved down to a narrow waist before flaring out dramatically. Matching black leather panties hugged Eliza's wide hips. The panties were so thin they covered very little while emphasizing much. The panties functioned mostly as anchor points for the black silk garters that extended down Eliza's delicious thighs in front and over her bare round ass in back to attach to the sheer black stockings just above her knees. The stockings guided Sally's eye on down to the five inch red stilettos that completed the package and had Eliza standing eye-to-eye with Sally.

"These are my favorite shoes, but I don't get to wear them very often. They make me too tall. You don't mind do you," Eliza purred as she began unbuttoning Sally's shirt.

Despite her previous good intentions, somehow Sally found herself completely naked and excitedly popping the snaps of Eliza's bustier. The bustier dropped to the floor behind Eliza as Sally gently mashed the soft globes together and fondled Eliza's nipples the way she had always liked to have hers touched. This elicited a small surprised gasp from Eliza who proceeded to press in and push Sally backwards until her legs encountered the bed and she sat in reflex. Sally had been on the other side of this game and took full advantage of her knowledge. Taking Eliza's breast into her mouth, Sally knew exactly how hard to suck, how much to bite, and the best way to tease with her tongue.

Eliza gasped in surprise and joy. She'd thought this to be a man of little sexual experience, but never before had a man driven her to such arousal with just her breasts. Thinking that it was a delightful fluke, Eliza squeaked with an outburst of pleasure when this surprising Mark person switched to her other breasts and repeated his performance. Eliza smiled with genuine enjoyment afterwards and was determined to make sure this client received full value for the money paid.

Sally not only enjoyed herself, but she knew she was good. 'I made her squeak,' she thought and was determined to force Eliza to make a whole bunch more noise as she slid her hands over Eliza's curving hips and popped the panty snaps to the cover over her curly red snatch, leaving nothing more than a thin strip to hold the garters.

Eliza bent forward and squeezed her tits around Sally's rigid erection as she nibbled and bit his little man nipples.

Sally reached around and fondled Eliza's round little ass while her erection throbbed excitedly against the engulfing globes. Sally couldn't take much more foreplay and was about ready to throw Eliza onto the bed when the redhead dropped to her knees and began giving Sally a blow job. For just an instant, Sally was inclined to tell Eliza that it wasn't necessary, because she knew she hadn't liked it when she tried with Mark. That thought was shattered in an instant as Eliza drove Sally to the edge of oblivion and kept her there until she thought she would go insane with torturous pleasure before exploding into an indescribable release of intense agonizing delight the likes of which she'd never experienced before. Released at last, Sally rolled fully onto the bed and lay panting as Eliza spooned up against her.

'Wow,' Sally thought. 'It's no wonder Mark keeps hinting at oral sex. I'm going to have to make an effort at blow jobs with Mark in the future. The feeling of my cock in her mouth ... my cock ... my big throbbing cock! Oh yes, blow jobs are definitely in Mark's future,' Sally smiled! With that thought, Sally could feel her penis ... no ... her dick ... no ... her cock! Sally felt her cock once more rising in demand.

Rolling over to face Eliza, Sally took control. Straddling Eliza, Sally slowly and sensuously kissed, sucked, and nibbled her way down to Eliza's tight red curly mound.

Eliza was in heaven, no man had ever demonstrated anything approaching Mark's skill. That was her last coherent thought as she writhed and screamed in unmatched passion that went on and on and on.

When Eliza's screaming and thrashing got to be to much for Sally to continue using her tongue, Sally lifted Eliza's legs still clad in stockings and heels to her broad shoulders and took took her. After the blow job, Sally was able to pound Eliza for a very very long time. Eliza's unbridled screams of passion serving to spur Sally on all the more until in a crescendo of desperate need, both were crying out as Sally expelled her remaining load into Eliza's depths.

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