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23. Safe at Last

22. Roberto's Play Takes a Detour

21. Fear and Lust Confuses Mark

20. Mark's Goals and Desires

19. Mark is Committed Now

18. Sally's Alone at the Club

17. Retrieve the Amulet

16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

6. Opportunity Knocks for Mark

5. Was it Good for You?

4. Nothing is the First Choice

Safe at Last

on 2023-10-03 23:25:31

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2013. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

"Not such a big man now are you sweet cheeks," Mark taunted. It was mind twistingly confusing looking at an enhanced version of his wife and knowing that it was actually Roberto who had become a duplicate of himself except for the stilettos Mark was wearing which now allowed him to look down on his tormentor.

"I don't know how you did this, but you will return me to normal if you value your life!"

Mark couldn't contain his delight listening to the petite blonde threaten him in a high pitched shrill voice on the edge of panic. "Oh I'm scared. What are you going to do, jiggle your boobs at me?" Reveling in his new found height advantage, Mark had forgotten that it was not real and that not only was he not bigger, he was perched precariously on platform heels. This temporary oversight was brought home when Roberto slammed into him and they both went down.

Malena stepped into the room feeling a crazy mix of nervousness, power, embarrassment, and focus to see two identical big boobed little blondes rolling around on the floor. Striding across the room, Malena effortlessly snatched up a woman in each arm.

Mark froze with terror. Roberto was back and he was helpless to ... wait! "Malena?"

Malena released Mark by simply dropping him, saying "wait here" as she carried the still fighting Roberto girl into the other room.

Left to himself, Mark used the time to search for his clothes. A half hour of fruitless panicky searching later, Mark finally gave up the search and huddled into the seemingly over sized chair to wait, both legs tucked to the side in a classic feminine pose, arms crossed protectively around his breasts, which only served to support then up and out even more prominently, wearing only the fuck-me stilettos. At first he'd taken the cursed shoes off to more comfortably search, but comfort be damned, seven inches of height loss made him feel even more vulnerable. Beginning to drift off to sleep huddled in the chair, Mark lurched to a full terrified alert when Roberto came walking through the main door.

"It's OK Mark, it's me!" Malena said smiling and holding out her hands in a 'stop, it's safe' gesture. "Roberto maintains some rather unpleasant accoutrements for his nasty escapades. He's now experiencing them from the other side. Rest assured, he's not going anywhere. It's over!"

"Malena? It's really you?" Mark quavered like a frightened doe as he cringed away from what appeared to be Roberto.

"Yes, it's really me," Malena smiled as she approached Mark very slowly and carefully. "It's really me," she said sitting down on the edge of the chair. "You're safe now, it's all over," Malena whispered as she held the now tiny little naked woman with one arm and let her cry. After all the stress and changes, Malena was silently appalled with herself when her new male equipment began hardening and demanding attention as she forced herself to sit quietly and let Mark cry himself out. "There, there, there," she murmured, accompanying each quiet reassurance with a light caress. 'What am I doing!' Malena silently shouted to herself when she suddenly realized that her most recent comforting touch had drifted from Mark's delicate shoulder down to his very large soft curved deliciously smooth breast. Thinking to move her hand back to a less threatening position before Mark noticed and panicked, Malena was immediately thwarted by Mark shifting his hands upward from a self hug to cover Malena's hand and hold it tightly against the wondrous swell of flesh that begged to be touched. Confused over the rush of emotions and desires that seemed to be flowing out of control, Malena forced herself to hold still to give the tiny abused Mark time to work through the recent traumatic events. Looking down, Malena was surprised to see Mark had opened his eyes and was looking up. Slowly, very slowly, Malena moved her head downward toward Mark's rapt gaze, expecting him to bolt away in panic at what she knew she should not be doing. Instead, Mark's luscious full lips parted at her approach. An initial chaste brush of their lips morphed into unbridled lust as Mark lunged wildly in an effort to consume everything and more that Malena now had to give.

A small part of Mark seemed to be standing to the side amazed at what he was doing, but it didn't matter. Uncurling himself from the chair and Malena's one armed embrace, Mark teetered onto his heels and guided Malena's (and he now thought of this man as Malena) hands to his breasts and pressed them there with enthusiasm.

Squeezing Mark's tits, Malena slid forward to the edge of her chair and buried her face in Mark's boobs. Biting and sucking Mark's erect nipples as Mark joyously clasped Malena's head all the tighter into his boobs, Malena struggled to kick off her shoes. Tearing open her shirt, Malena sprayed buttons as she rocked back into the chair with her legs up and pants unzipped. Mark tugged Malena's pant cuffs again and again. Every pull made Mark stumble on his platform stilettos which in turn made his boobs bounce and jiggle wildly with every tug. Undeterred, Mark was a mad woman who wouldn't be denied.

At last, Mark succeeded in pulling off Malena's pants and tossed them aside. Taking Malena's large powerful hands in his own delicate ones, Mark guided Malena to a standing position and rotated in her arms, bringing Malena's large hands around to grip his breasts, Malena's prodigious erection throbbing against his soft round ass.

Squeezing Mark's marvelous tits and lightly pinching and rolling his rigid nipples, Malena bent Mark forward until his hands were gripping the arm of the chair and Mark's delightful sweet little round ass was demanding to be taken, perched like a prize atop those gorgeous legs with the whole presentation swaying and wobbling enticingly upon his fuck-me shoes. Malena was very familiar with that position, but only from the other side until now. Sliding her hand up Mark's inner thigh and slowly through Mark's wet slit for position guidance, Malena was strangely excited to hear the sudden whimper it elicited from Mark. Carefully and slowly, Malena guided her newly acquired cock to Mark's wet slippery cunt and slid it part way into Mark, pausing to enjoy the high pitched gasp and squeal that burst from Mark. Malena withdrew partially and after briefly holding with only the end of her dick inside Mark, she again slowly slid forward, penetrating most of the way before pausing to the high pitched gasp of Mark's cry of passion and surprise. Thinking about the about the fact that Mark was actually a man that she was taking made Malena even harder. Once more slowly withdrawing almost but not quite out, Malena imagined Mark fucking his wife Sally like this. 'Well Mark, now you're Sally I'm going to fuck you,' Malena thought and slammed her full achingly hard cock home again and again and again in a rhythm punctuated by Mark's rising screams of passion. Drunk with lust and power, Malena pounded Mark relentlessly, reveling in his shrieks and shudders and what she could do now as a man until a wondrous burst of pure satisfaction exploded from her new loins and forced a massive load of cum deep into Mark. 'God I had no idea how empowering that would feel. I think I'm going to like being a man!'

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