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17. Retrieve the Amulet

16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

6. Opportunity Knocks for Mark

5. Was it Good for You?

4. Nothing is the First Choice

3. So many Choices

2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

1. Altered Fates

Retrieve the Amulet

on 2023-10-03 23:14:32

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2012. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

Lost in contemplation of what he'd committed to do, Mark was mostly oblivious to the lustful stares that followed him along as he strode purposely and quickly for the room. At least that was how Mark thought of it. The rest of the world saw a scantily clad big boobed blonde jiggling maddeningly along in fuck-me-now stilettos. Extracting the key card from his clutch purse, Mark let himself in and breathed a brief sigh as he pressed against the inside of the securely locked room door. "Get a grip on yourself. This has only just begun!"

Mark looked at the clock and saw that it was still many hours before the medallion could work on him. Opening the safe, Mark extracted the medallion and began searching through his wife's clothes for something that would allow him to smuggle the medallion in case his purse was searched. It certainly would not do to have it inadvertently handled. "Perfect!" Mark exclaimed extracting a garter belt. "Wait, why would Sally have packed a garter belt?" Shrugging the question aside in favor of expedience, Mark self consciously put it on and used a matching garter to secure the medallion high up on his inside thigh. Smoothing his dress back into place, Mark primped briefly before steeling himself to head back down.

"Holy mother of god, look at that!" Dan elbowed his bud and pointed. Both watched mesmerized as a blonde showing more skin than clothing jiggled and bounced her way along. As she passed by, they turned along with many others to admire how her ass swished and swayed as she strutted her way out the door to the waiting Limousine. All eyes were locked on her as she took the chauffeur's hand and bent forward while sitting before rotating her endless legs into the vehicle. "Somebody is going to get lucky tonight!"

"Damn, can you imagine tapping that?"

"I'm imagining that right now."

"You know you'd have no chance?"

"In my imagination I'm not asking, I'm just taking."

"Oh yeah!"

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