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16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

6. Opportunity Knocks for Mark

5. Was it Good for You?

4. Nothing is the First Choice

3. So many Choices

2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

1. Altered Fates

The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps and Mark ...

on 2023-10-03 23:13:09

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2012. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

Mark found himself effectively shut out of the men's conversation. He could speak quietly with Malena but any attempt to join in the conversation with Roberto and Sally was politely but effectively derailed or ignored. Taking his cue from Malena, Mark dined slowly and seductively to stretch out the time while the men spoke of contract leverage, favors, recompense, and pay-to-play. Even though it was what he expected and planned with Malena, it was maddening to have to sit passively and pretend that the thin veneer of business language was not exactly what it was. He was was being bartered for and his wife was acting as his pimp. He knew that Sally was doing exactly what he'd told her to do in their hurried moments of conversation when Roberto had stepped away, but it still felt like betrayal.

Sally was seething inside. All of her recently acquired masculine power and she was reduced to banal chit chat as she completed the deal that prostituted her husband. Mechanically she clinked glasses with Roberto in a toast as Malena and Mark rose from the table and sexily strutted away into the crowd.

Side by side with Malena, Mark moved through the crowd of people as if an invisible bow wave preceded them. Even in heels, they were still shorter than all the men and many of the women, yet the wall of humanity parted before them as they walked. Pasting a smile on his face, Mark demurely held out his hand and allowed the waiting chauffeur to assist him into the limousine as he had Malena.

"Fredrick, we need to make a brief detour," Malena said to the driver.

"Mam, you know I'm not supposed to do that."

"I need to stop by my hotel room briefly. If it's inconvenient, I can take a cab," Mark said sweetly.

"A cab won't be necessary. I can take you there mam," the driver said knowing that he had been placed in an impossible situation. He was not supposed to allow uncontrolled side trips, but losing the blonde would be inexcusable. Cursing silently to himself during the short drive to the blonde's hotel, he pasted his chauffeur expression on his face as he opened the door on the blonde's side of the car and helped handed her out. One of the perks of the job was the up close and personal contact with gorgeous women and this broad was a knockout with a major rack he'd love to get his hands on. Closing the door and hitting the all lock button so that Malena could not escape, he turned to watch the blonde's ass wiggle delectably as she teetered past the doorman.

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