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5. The New Jon

4. Sarah Hatches A Plan

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

The New Jon

on 2000-10-07 06:03:42
Episode last modified by Kanati on 2023-04-06 16:02:45

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"I wish you were standing here, completely naked."
Suddenly Jon stood before his tormentor, wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Normally he would have been embaressed and made an attempt to cover himself up, but he was too afraid to make anysuch attempt at modesty.
"You see Jon, its not you i have a problem with so much as it is you girlfried, so I will be lienient with you. I will allow you to live your life as you normally do, provided that you neither mention or even think about mentioning my power to anyone. If you do however I WISH that every time that you consider telling anyone about this you undergo the transformation that I am about to do to you. I wish that you become a beautiful female, created by your own image of the perfect woman. I wish the transformation to be slow and painful, but slightly pleasureable as well. I wish that the only way you can change back is to live through the days of your period which will be the third week of every month. If you happen to change during the first week of the month or something you are just going to have to live with it until the time comes. Now, I wish for you to get a taste of the transformation that awaits you.
With those words Jon felt a warmth envelop his entire body as he gave a gasp of horror. The warmth concentrated around his groin, causing him to develop the hardest erection he had ever know. he could heel his scrotum constricting, strangling his testicles. Looking down Jon saw that his balls were now a deep shade of blue and throbbing from the pain. Suddenly a stream of seman exploded from his dick, shooting at least 15 feet across the room.
Sarah gave an evil laugh "Gotta get rid of you little boys before the girls
move in eh?"

Jon could only stand in shock as he felt his testicles withdraw up into his abdoman, taking their place as his new ovaries. His penis soon followed, which litterally was sucked inside him to become his new womanhood. Sticking his finger into his new sex Jon was overwhelmed by the new sensations that he was feeling, but his concentration was soon distracted as the warmth moved to his hips. His bones began to crack as they reformed to accomodate his new organs. The pain caused Jon to lose his balance and fall to the floor. from the moment his ass hit the floor he could feel it growing. His previous thin, muscular posterior was slowly being transformed into the soft shapely ass of a playboy bunny. The fatty tissue continued to accumulate until Jon's ass had filled out and his hips measured 35 inches.

The warmth spread to his legs and feet next. Jon watched as his thin covering of leg hair which had taken years to accuire suddenly withdrew into his skin, leaving behind only a silky smooth surface. Jon winced in pain as his leg muscles spasmed as they reshaped themselves to look like the legs of penthouse pet Elizabeth Anne Hilden. His feet soon underwent a similar change, the cracking of the bones was so hard that it was even painful to listen to. eventually his feet became cute and petite with pink painted toenails.

Once the magic was finished with jon's lower half it worked it's way to his upper half. His waist began to constrict and reshape into a feminine hour glass figure. Jon shuddered when he though about waht the magic would be changing next. Sure enough as soon as that thought passed through his head he looked down to his chest to see his nipples begin to change. At first they became hard, as they would on a cold day, but then they began to erect until they were a half inch from his chest. Next his nipples darkened and began to enlage. The whole process was incredibly painful, causing Jon to scream out in pain several times. The nipples stopped growing when they reached twice the size of a silver dollar. The just as jon thought that he might get some relief he was overcome by another wave of pain as milk began to lactate from his sensitive nipples. Milk continued to stream from Jon's nipples as they swelled in size. They grew first to an A-cup, then to a B-cup, and continued to expand until they reached a size of EEE cup.

Jon felt his arm muscles begin to take on a more grace full appearance, which was followed by changes to his hands. His hands shunk in size and his fingers became thin and slender. The pain in his finger tips was unbearable as, bright pink, one inch nails forced themselves from each of his ten digits.

The last thing to change was his head and face. There was a tightening in his throat as his neck slimmed and his vocal cords changed. Jon felt his lips inflate to what he could only assume were now full, sexy, pouty lips. A tingle ran through the rest of his face, rearanging it into that of a beautiful sex kitten. The last thing to change was his hair, which turned curly and became a deep shade of black his, and finally stopped growing when it reached the middle of his back.

Sarah looked on with a grim on her face. "Oh don't worry baby" She said in apatronizing tone, "this is only demonstration. I wish that Jon will change back to himself by tommorow morning. However, you know what will happen if you try to expose me. Now, lets move on to that bitch Karyn."

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