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4. Sarah Hatches A Plan

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

Sarah Hatches A Plan

on 2000-10-07 04:45:40

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Amazed with the power she had just discover, Sarah decided that she needed to try a few experiments. Just then a very unfortunate jon walked back into the room, a look of horror coming over his face when he realized that Sarah was handeling the unpredidtable magic.
"Don't touch that! It's very dangerous!" Jon shouted at her in a paniced voice.
Sarah only gave a sly smile and said in a sarcastic tone "Oh, is it really. I do Wish that you would tell me all about how dangerous it is."
The magic forced the answers out of Jon, like a presure building up inside him. Tollerable at first, but within a few seconds it seemed as if every inch of his body was being forced into submission.
After Jon's confession another, more sinister smile appeared on sarah's face. "I see now Jon" Sarah said "You and that little skank friend Karyn of yours were planning to use this magic for your benifit. Power this great should not be handled by losers like you. It was meant for those with a natural superiority, such as myself for instance. I have big plans for my new best friend, but there is still one problem. You and your friend know about this magic, and might find a way to take it away from me. I suppose I will have to do some thing about that, won't I?"

Sarah debated for several minuets before coming to a conclusion. "Ah, yes this should be a very fitting punishment for you, but it is nothing compared to what your trampy friend is going to endure. I wish...."

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