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18. Jim and Vicky Arrive

17. Aunt Racheal and Krista Arrive

16. Jim Has an Open Marriage With

15. Dad is Last

14. Mikey Switches With a Perv

13. Jon Meets His New Mom

12. Role Reversal: A Wrong Number

11. Jon Gets a Phone Call and It T

10. Nadine Ferguson Switches With

9. Zoe the Chinese-Born Hippie Gi

8. Biff Meadows

7. Linda is Shopping For the Fami

6. So Who's Next?

5. Role Reveral :Stopping at a ga

4. aunt racheal

3. Role Revesal

2. Role Reversal

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal: Jim and Vicky Arrive

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Jon was about to follow his aunt and her girlfriend (wasn't she a little young for her? ... after all, Jon figured that Krista wasn't really all that much older than himself), but stopped when he heard the front door opening again. This time, someone had a key. So it was either his new sister Zoe, his new brother Mikey, or his dad. It turned out to be the third one.

In walked his dad, who didn't really look all that different, actually, and a young woman in a sexy outfit that only enhanced her already-sexy looks. Again, like with his aunt, Jon felt that she was too young for his dad. She must have been at least 15 years younger! Wasn't that, like, socially unacceptable or something?

"Oh, hey, Jenny," Jon's dad said to him ... er, her. Jon still felt at odds with his current situation. Sometimes, he felt disturbingly at ease with his new transsexualism, but then he remembered who he really was and that he was only this way because of his wish. He didn't want to lose himself, especially considering the kind of life he led now. Did he even go to school anymore, if he worked at a strip club?

His dad pushed past him, displaying a bit of a sour attitude. His girlfriend looked a little unsure of herself, then held out her hand, smiling weakly. "Hi, I'm Vicky. I've, uh, never met a transgender girl before."

Neither have I, Jon thought. Not until I became one.

Jon shook her hand. What he didn't know was that while his dad had made amends over the fact that his wife was a lesbian (though given the type of personality she had, was it really so much of a surprise? ... after all, she was like that back when they got married), he still hadn't come to terms with the fact that his son wanted to be a girl, and a sexy one at that. Zoe and Mikey were adopted. Jon (now Jenny) was his only biological child. So it felt like Jon was more "his" than the others. So to have his son make the life-changing decision to be a girl ... it just felt like he was running away from who he was - Jim's son. His normal son. It would still take some time for him to deal with this.

"I'm so glad your parents have an open marriage. If not, I wouldn't have met your dad. He really is great," Vicky said.

So that's what was happening? His parents had an open marriage?

"Uh, so, anyway. It was nice to meet you," Vicky said, then brushed past him and hurried into the kitchen where his dad had gone.

Jon followed her in there, but stayed out of the way, mostly to just observe.

"So you must be Vicky," Linda said, eying her husband's girlfriend appreciatively, making Vicky a little uncomfortable, actually.

"Hey, I thought you said no ogling," Alex sharply whispered to her.

"Sorry, babe. Couldn't help it. She is smoking hot, though, right?" Linda asked.

Jon just stared. His mom was overtly sexual and she apparently had no shame about it.

"If I wasn't already dating, I'd totally tap that," Linda continued.

Suddenly, something clicked in Jon's head. His mom's overall look (the type of hairstyle, muscles, and general attire) and her attitude and words. One name came to mind - Biff Meadows! She was acting just like the chauvinistic jock from school. Was that who she had switched with?

Jon didn't have much time to ponder on that, because a moment later, the front door opened again. This time, it was ...

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