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15. Dad is Last

14. Mikey Switches With a Perv

13. Jon Meets His New Mom

12. Role Reversal: A Wrong Number

11. Jon Gets a Phone Call and It T

10. Nadine Ferguson Switches With

9. Zoe the Chinese-Born Hippie Gi

8. Biff Meadows

7. Linda is Shopping For the Fami

6. So Who's Next?

5. Role Reveral :Stopping at a ga

4. aunt racheal

3. Role Revesal

2. Role Reversal

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal: Dad is Last

avatar on 2023-06-25 19:52:26

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Right at that moment, several things were happening - Jon's Aunt Racheal was on her way, riding her motorcycle, with her girlfriend Krista seated behind her, holding her tight (occasionally groping her chest, which pleased Racheal); Zoe was reluctantly coming home from the Christian Bookstore on the outskirts of town, using public transportation to get back, but dreading the family dinner yet to come; Mikey was saying goodbye to his "friends" Benny and Jimmy, both of them none the wiser as to Mikey's true motives for hanging out with them, equally excited to take part in the dinner (which was good fantasy material for him) as hanging around the two other boys so he could secretly perv on them; and, of course, there were the people whose personalities/lifestyles were exchanged with the members of Jon's family - Thea Woods was still on her way out of town on one of her photo assignments, Biff Meadows was at his house preparing for his Tupperware party with the girls, who were actually in their mid-to-upper 30's (it disturbed his parents, especially his father who didn't like that his son was effeminately gay, but for some reason, Biff liked to hang out with women who were as old as his own mother), Nadine Ferguson was getting arrested at the chemical plant protest, once again taking things too far, and Sandra Weaver (formerly the stripper "Sugar Sweets" from the Pussy Kat Klub, before switching with Jon) was an average person now, though perhaps a bit boyish in mannerisms, currently at home watching TV.

But the most important thing happening right now was what was happening to the final member of the Madison family - James Madison (who preferred to be called Jim). He was on his way home from work, getting stuck in traffic. He hadn't uttered a word towards anyone since Jon had made his wish ... that was, until some jerk cut him off, causing him to blurt out "Watch where you're going, asshole," also honking his horn. Suddenly, he got really dizzy.

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