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4. IOC LS: In the Shadows

3. IOC LS: Family Vacation at Smo

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC Life Stealers: In the Shadows

on 2023-06-21 16:29:41

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Around the corner from the salty saloon, Dottie the barmaid and her friend Louise are hiding in the shadows watching Nathan and Jessie walk in for their final moments in character. They overhead Jessie saying “Yeah - and they fixed my broken arm overnight! It was incredible!.”

“Good fuck I’m ready to not have to wear these stupid outfits” Dottie said not really listening and motioning down to the frilly orange dress that showed off her cleavage. “I’m supposed to put all this shit on and take it off every time I fuck one of these folks. Hell, I’ve started giving blowjobs just to not have to deal with it. And we are supposed to be in Tennessee! Why the flying fuck do we have a saloon?”

“I’m ready to be done with this shit too. Just need Adam to get here” Louise said looking around. She still had on the polka dotted dress from earlier but had grabbed a denim jacket and had some comfortable walking boots on instead of barefoot like Louise’s character usually was.

“Like fuck, I just took this job to make some summer money and here I am three years later, rarely in a male role, and with no more money to my name than before!” Mark said, the feather in his hair bouncing around.

“And the whole weekend culminates in a rodeo. A fucking rodeo in Tennessee. Like how lazy are the writers anyway? At least I get to stay back at the saloon and hope that there aren’t any guests coming by.” Mark continued.

They saw a rotund figure who could best be described as an old prospector waddling toward them with surprising speed. “Hey babe” he said, kissing Louise on the cheek.
“Adam, I told you not while you are Pap. It’s too fucking weird” Louise said, wiping the kiss off her cheek.
“Yeah. It’s humiliating having to pretend to chase you and Nathan around all the time. Let’s get this done so we won’t have to do this anymore.” Adam as Pap said. “Okay, so you are positive that Nathan was the father?”

“Oh trust me, that is a straight man if i’ve ever been with one.” Louise said.

“That means that Carrie, the mother is Jessie and Jenny must be Skip Cathaway. Sorry Mark, but at least you won’t be stuck in this anymore.” Adam said, smirking and motioning to the outfit that Mark was wearing in his role as Dottie.

Mark rolled his eyes.

They then saw Skip Cathaway walk over, riding high from wrapping up his concert at the rodeo. He set his guitar gingerly by the door to the saloon.

Adam spoke softly: “Okay, so I’ll take his place, and June you follow Jessie to room 3 there and Mark, you follow Skip to room 7. Remember - the lights will go out for 1 minute. You have to get in, chloroform immediately, and hop in the seat. My associate will take care of the rest.”

“Understood.” June as Louise and Mark as Dottie said.

“Okay, next time we see each other we’ll finally be together June. and Mark, you’ll have your pick of all the boys.” He said, chuckling at mark.

“Whatever dude, I just want out of here.” Mark replied.

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