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2. Karyn’s stupidly innocent wish

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn’s stupidly innocent wish

on 2023-06-21 10:30:38

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“Jon, can I use the stone for a thing?” Karyn asked Jon on the way home from school.

“A thing? You mean a wish?”


“What are you going to wish for?”

“Can it be my secret? It’s kind of, not something I want to, you know, discuss.”

Everyone had their secrets, and wanted privacy on certain matters, Jon considered.

“I’m going to go over there,” Jon said, handing her the box containing the stone and retreating about 40 feet away.

Such a good guy, Karyn thought. Guy, she contemplated the word, her heart beating hard at the thought. Was she really going to do this? It didn’t seem like it really should, but her wish could potentially be life altering beyond the simple convenience it would provide. No, she would do it.

The wish itself was embarrassing. Was the stone sentient? Would it judge her and think badly of her for this? She hoped not. Holding the stone, she whispered, embarrassed just at saying the words, “I wish I would grow a penis, but only when I pee.” There, she did it. She didn’t feel any different, but didn’t expect to. “All right, I’m done!” she called out to Jon.

Jon went to his home and Karyn to hers without further incidents.

At home, she stood over the toilet, prepared to try to utilize her request, when she realized she probably could have worded it better. “but only when I pee,” she said. Ugh. She just wanted to be able to pee standing up like a guy, was that so much to hope for? She was imagining that it would just grow when she needed it and then disappear at the end, but of course, “WHEN I pee,” meant she had to start before it would appear, and what good was that?!

So she sat down as usual and let just a trickle go, just because she was afraid if she started with a high flow rate, her new dick would appear and suddenly the pee would be coming from a new location and coming out in a different direction and she wouldn’t be ready for it and would get urine everywhere. Her concerns proved justified. From that little trickle, there it was.

“Wow, it’s really real,” she said. A smile on her face, she stood up and happily aimed her new penis toward the bowl. But her elation was short-lived, for two reasons. One, she still apparently peed out of her original girl urethra, so despite her best intentions, she immediately started making a mess after all. And two, as soon as she started peeing again, she grew a second penis.

Horror gripped her as she was haunted by the memory of her words, “I wish I would grow a penis, but only when I pee.”

Not wanting to stop and then start again, she wet herself while she got two thirds of it in the toilet bowl with her two side-by-side penises in her right hand, until she succeeded in plugging her girl urethra as well as she could with her left index finger. She forced full pressure from her bladder until the job was done, hoping that she could empty it to the last drop all in one go, but of course that was futile. At the end, she was forced to conclude the business with not one but two final squirts. She cleaned herself off, and wanted to scream, as her four penises were not going away.

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