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2. Reboot

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2023-06-17 13:03:21

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Jon and Karyn sat in a room together with the stone. 20 years had passed, with every adventure imaginable, Jon had been a baby, a girl, a goth, he'd been Sarah, Sarah had been Karyn, Karyn had been his mom, Mikey had been president, Karyn had become the stone, the stone had become Miss Fine, Miss Fine had deaged to Miss Holloway traveled back in time and made everyone into Cheerleaders, and they had all visited each others closets for some reason. 20 years. It felt like everything that could happen had happened, and now, exhausted, the world was ending, it was all falling apart. Reality had been twisted into too many shapes till it was sprained., he was Jon, He still had to remind himself that sometimes, held the stone in his hand and made one last wish.

"I wish it had gone a bit differently."

Finally a flash.

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