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Plane Crash:
plane crash
2023-10-04You Are What You Wish3
Country Club : Parking lot
Country Club Parking lot
2023-10-03You Are What You Wish9
Country Club: Magic Crazy Bullshit2023-10-03You Are What You Wish8
Country Club: Crazy magic bullshit2023-10-02You Are What You Wish7
Country Club: The exposition chapter that sets up the next one.2023-10-02You Are What You Wish6
Country Club: What it's like to work in a country club2023-09-28You Are What You Wish5
Excommunicated: the call
The call
2023-09-09You Are What You Wish7
Excommunicated :complications
Excommunicated: complicated
2023-09-03You Are What You Wish6
The Rewrite: Backstory.2023-08-05You Are What You Wish11
College2023-07-08You Are What You Wish3
Role Reversal: Zoe's not here2023-07-02You Are What You Wish10
Wish Chain: My kind of kinda.
Wish Chain: Fit check
2023-07-01You Are What You Wish39
Lets make this interesting2023-06-21You Are What You Wish5
Sarah's Not the Only Bitch: The New Mind2023-06-20You Are What You Wish10
Reboot2023-06-17You Are What You Wish2
'The Beauty: Split
The Beauty: Split
2022-11-30You Are What You Wish11
The Band: The players2022-07-09You Are What You Wish3
The Band2022-07-09You Are What You Wish2
Reversal of Fortune: The Stone's new home2022-06-11You Are What You Wish6
The Beauty: Lots different, Little change2022-06-08You Are What You Wish10
The Beauty: Come inside2022-06-08You Are What You Wish9
The Beauty: Fun with Super Science2022-05-31You Are What You Wish8
The Beauty: A conversational interlude to build character and theme.2022-05-25You Are What You Wish7
The Beauty: The spread2022-05-23You Are What You Wish6
The Beauty: Learning more about yourself through malls.2022-05-23You Are What You Wish5
The Beauty: Karyn wakes up.
The Beauty: Karyn wakes up. Part one.
2022-05-21You Are What You Wish4
The Beauty: is what happens eventually
The Beauty: What happens next.
2022-05-20You Are What You Wish6
The Beauty: The Beauty2022-05-20You Are What You Wish5
The Process
The Beauty: The process
2022-05-19You Are What You Wish4
Something happened to Karyn
The Beauty: Something happens to Karyn
2022-05-19You Are What You Wish3
Roster changes2022-04-25You Are What You Wish10
Who's who and What's what.2022-04-25You Are What You Wish9
Mind games2021-12-29You Are What You Wish324
Negotiations2021-12-28You Are What You Wish321
Fixing herself
Athena fixes it.
2021-12-27You Are What You Wish319
12. Karyn Black2021-12-03You Are What You Wish4
11. Steve Farber and Tiffany Sanders2021-11-29You Are What You Wish4
10. Jennifer Madison2021-11-29You Are What You Wish4
7. Nadine2021-11-26You Are What You Wish4
6. Sarah
6. Sarah McMillian
2021-11-25You Are What You Wish4
5. Linda and Zoe (and Mikey)2021-11-25You Are What You Wish4
4. Kyla2021-11-25You Are What You Wish4
3. Gladys insides
3. Gladys
2021-11-25You Are What You Wish4
2. Robo Biff
2. Biff
2021-11-25You Are What You Wish4
Interesting people: Athena's Blessing Curse
1. Athena
2021-11-25You Are What You Wish4
Interesting People: Introduction2021-11-24You Are What You Wish3
You hit it on the head
You hit the nail on the head
2021-11-22The Forum3
Paige McMillan 2!: The College Years- Zoe's wild Adventure2021-11-16You Are What You Wish44
Lit: Title page.
2021-10-22You Are What You Wish2
The Bet: Interlude2021-10-15You Are What You Wish27
The bet: Cheer up
Cheer up
2021-09-30You Are What You Wish25
The Bet: Kyla's night and Sarah's Morning
The Bet: Kyla's Night and Sarah's Morning.
2021-09-25You Are What You Wish25
The Bet: Further in and further out.2021-09-22You Are What You Wish23
The Bet: Scenes from a school yard2021-09-18You Are What You Wish21
The Bet: Wake up (by arcade fire)2021-09-13You Are What You Wish19
The bet and the cloud2021-09-11You Are What You Wish17
The Bet: Before and After (and after) Sarah
Before and After: Sarah
2021-09-10You Are What You Wish18
Before and after:Kyla
Before and After: Kyla
2021-09-10You Are What You Wish17
Before and after:Kyla
Before and After: Kyla
2021-09-10You Are What You Wish17
The Bet: Conversational Chess2021-09-09You Are What You Wish15
The Bet: Prepping the Prep2021-09-08You Are What You Wish13
The Cloud: Unaware that the other is aware.2021-09-04You Are What You Wish11
KS: The Stone Siblings2021-07-04You Are What You Wish5
KS: The pressure increases.2021-07-03You Are What You Wish4
KS: Pick your family2021-06-16You Are What You Wish3
JW: What's in a name2021-05-28You Are What You Wish13
In Sarah's shoes: The other shoe drops.
The other shoe drops
2020-11-28You Are What You Wish28
In Sarah's Shoes: Flirting lessons2020-11-02You Are What You Wish24
In Sarah's Shoes: At the dinner2020-10-22You Are What You Wish21
It's a dance off!!
A dance off
2020-04-30You Are What You Wish11
Karyn's Extraordinary Playlist.
Karyn's extraordinary playlist
2020-04-30You Are What You Wish10
Karyn and Bethany Bond over an app
2020-04-30You Are What You Wish8
What's going on with Karyn2020-04-29You Are What You Wish6
The kids in class
Musical Closets Variation: The kids in class
2020-04-24You Are What You Wish110
Musical Closets Variation: A love triangle
A love triangle
2020-04-02You Are What You Wish103
Musical Closets Variation Athena's House
Athena's House
2020-03-31You Are What You Wish96
Musical Closet Variation: Linda at work
Linda at work
2020-03-27You Are What You Wish74
The Long Road: First day of school, getting ready.
First day of school prep.
2020-03-27You Are What You Wish43
Musical Closet Variation: Linda notices the wrong things.2020-03-23You Are What You Wish49
Musical Closets Variation: Athena breaks the chain.
Musical Closets Variation: Athena breaks the chain
2020-03-19You Are What You Wish39
Karyn's Revenge: The Santa plan2019-12-06You Are What You Wish40
Karyn's Revenge: The girls2019-12-06You Are What You Wish39
Karyn's Revenge: Taking stock2019-12-03You Are What You Wish38
Karyn's Revenge: Taking Ownership2019-12-03You Are What You Wish37
The Constant2019-06-21You Are What You Wish15
The brain remembers what the mind doesn't know sometimes.2019-06-10You Are What You Wish14
In another room, sat a girl
In another room, there sat a girl
2019-06-06You Are What You Wish13
Revelations and confrontations2019-06-03You Are What You Wish12
Things are more different than they appear2019-06-02You Are What You Wish11
The learning curve.
The learning curve
2019-06-02You Are What You Wish10
The Filter: The Mirror2019-05-21You Are What You Wish8
CMTA: cheerLEADER2018-08-11You Are What You Wish333
CMtA: That akward age.2018-07-25You Are What You Wish328
What prolonged exposure can do.2018-07-24You Are What You Wish325
Miss Fine. Clean escape
No scrubs.
2018-07-23You Are What You Wish322
Miss Fine: Intruders
Athena Meets Miss Fine
2018-07-21You Are What You Wish320
Miss Fine: What else Athena missed on her run home.2018-07-20You Are What You Wish319
Back in Sarah's Shoes
Sarah's Shoes: Jons back in Sarah's Shoes.
2018-04-25You Are What You Wish15
The grand reentry to school, setting the board.
The grand reentry, setting up the board.
2018-04-16You Are What You Wish64
And we are back!!! Phase 2 starts here with a line in the sand!!
Phase two: A line in the sand.
2018-04-15You Are What You Wish63

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