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73. Nadine Seeks Out Athena

72. Sarah Goes to Biff's House

71. The Obivious stone- sarah figh

70. Hiding Out

69. Randy and Karyn Are Vandals

68. The Obvious Stone: Angry Youth

67. Karyn Goes to See Randy

66. The Obvious Stone: the most aw

65. Love is in the Air

64. More Geeks and Nerds

63. The comic Shop

62. Back at the Mall Again

61. Nadine Tries to Read the Books

60. Power

59. At the Shoppe

58. Athena

57. She can't

56. at the mall

55. Shopping

54. The New Preps Head to the Mall

The Obvious Stone: Nadine Seeks Out Athena

avatar on 2023-06-08 16:58:58

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Aware Bimbo Magic Musc

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Back at Nadine's house, which was still burning, though the major fires had died down somewhat, the gothic witch contemplated who could help her with reading these spell books. Not that she wanted to return everything to normal, though. She felt compelled to practice witchcraft, but it was hard to do when she had no knowledge of how to do it. It didn't take long for one name to come to the forefront of her mind - Athena DeVries. She remembered despising her, but now she couldn't help but admire her. Well, the original her. Who knew what she was like now? She most likely had the ability to read the spell books, but she might now want to. Of course, Nadine had a way around that. If placed around her neck, her amulet would protect her from her changes, returning Athena back to her original gothic witch self. But where could she be?

"I wish I knew where Athena was right now," she said to herself.

"Did you, like, say Athena? My new besties just texted me about someone with that name. She's, like, at the mall, being, like, a total drag and stuff," Tina said, taking a break from giving Paul a blowjob behind a nearby bush. The new studly muscular Paul then grabbed her head and forced her mouth back onto his cock. But she didn't care. She loved sucking cock!

"At the mall, huh?" Nadine muttered, then headed in that direction, not caring what her former friends Paul and Tina were up to.

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