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8. Jon's day

7. Zoey and Summer's inheritances

6. After that

5. Three hours later

4. Misidentified wish and a fix f

3. Grandpa was wrong

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's day

on 2023-06-01 10:57:47
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2023-06-01 15:46:38

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Jon cleaned up the milk he had spit out and headed to his room. He passed Mikey's room and saw the night light was on. He passed Zoe's and Summer's room; they were still awake with the light on and Jon could hear a fan blowing. They were drying their fingernails before bed. When Jon reached his room, he went to bed. He woke up the next day, had a normal morning, then a normal day at school, and then he went home.

Jon: I'm home.
Mom: Hi Jon, get your change of clothes. We have to leave soon to be on time.
Jon: OK?

Jon grabbed some clean clothes, put them in a bag, and went out to the car. Jon, Zoey, and Summer spent the next hour on their phones while Mikey played a game as they drove to the Body Swap Clinic. They pulled into the parking lot, went inside, and checked in. Jon was none the wiser as he spent that time glued to his phone.

Nurse: Gibson, Jon Gibson.
Jon: That's me.
Nurse: This is your first time, is that right?
Jon: Yes, this is my first time here.
Nurse: Ok, I'll tell you what you need to know. Please save all questions till the end.
First, we need you to change into this gown and this adult diaper.
Second, we will have you lie down so we can connect the gas mask and helmet to you.
Third, you will fall asleep, then the procedure will start. Your muscles will relax; we will change the diaper if or when needed.
Fourth, you will awaken the next day. Your hand-eye coordination will be terrible for most of the day, so we will help you wash up.
You do have clean clothes, don't you?
Jon: Yes?
Nurse: Good, let's get started. You did sign the contract!

Jon did as told, unaware that when he woke up he would be in a new body and that body once belonged to.

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