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7. Zoey and Summer's inheritances

6. After that

5. Three hours later

4. Misidentified wish and a fix f

3. Grandpa was wrong

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Body swap co

on 2023-05-27 04:50:19

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(Jon) So what did you two get from grandpa's collection?
(Summer / Zoey) Not telling.
(Jon) Why not?
(Summer) We have no reason too tell you. But I will tell you that Zoey was wrong about how much money each grandkid got.
(Jon) Dose that mean I got more or less?
(Summer) You got less way less.
(Jon) That dose not seam fair.
(Summer) Your only complaining because you got less money I believe Grandpa decided on an amount of money then subtracted based on the value of the item he gave.
That's why Zoey and I both got five million what we got was little more than a toy and you only got two grand your stone has more value than five million too Grandpa.
(Jon) I have too agree there that stone is valuable. But I still don't like it.
(Summer) Ok ok Zoey can you get some chocolate milk for Jon?
(Zoey) Yes I would love to get chocolate milk for Jon ha ha ha.

Zoey left too make warm chocolate milk for Jon. Summer was disappointed why did Jon lie to them if he forgot too bye new clothes he should just say so. Summer asked
Zoey too get Jon milk as a punishment. Zoey's inheritance was called the necklace of flavored lactation. Summer had read Grandpa's letter too Zoey it said
Dear Zoey
If you are reading this then I am no longer in this world I have a gift for you I found it many years ago in Europe I don't know the name but I call it the necklace of flavored lactation.
The necklace when worn allows you too chose a flavor and temperature then you start lactating that flavor and temperature of milk the amount is small only enough too use as cream
in fashionable small coffee. I love and will miss you your friend Grandpa.
P.S. My favorite flavor is mint chocolate milk. ;)

Both Zoey and Summer were creeped out by the last sentence but they tried it out. But it produced far more than Grandpa said. They were lucky they tested it over the kitchen sink
it must have been over three gallons of cold chocolate milk and it came out fast very fast. After testing they learned too control the speed of release. Now they were going too give
some too Jon as a punishment fore lying too them Summer knew Zoey would make root beer flavored milk for Jon.
Since Jon forgot too purchase new clothes that will fit his future body and gender. Zoey returned her clothes were slightly wrinkled Jon would not notice but Summer did she
wanted to help but could not Jon might notice the bulge under her skirt. Summer inherited the dick growth dildo. when inserted it fusses with the body then male genitals grow
from the crotch.

(Zoey) Here Jon your milk.
(Jon) Thanks < drinks it> Yuck that was awful what was that?
(Zoey) That was root beer flavored milk.
(Jon) How did you get that?
(Zoey) Grandpa gave me something that let's me change the flavor of milk too anything I chose. It's getting late I'm going too bed good night.
(Summer) I'm going too good night Jon.
(Jon) good night you two.

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