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6. After that

5. Three hours later

4. Misidentified wish and a fix f

3. Grandpa was wrong

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

After that

on 2023-05-16 06:38:09
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2023-05-23 00:05:20

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Karyn: Jon, why did you do that? I had wishes I wanted to make.
Jon: Sorry, Karyn, but the stone is dangerous. We need time to think of ways to protect ourselves and counter bad wishes.
Karyn: You should have said something before wishing the stone away. I also think five years is too much, Jon. Two months would have been more than enough.
Jon: OK, OK, let's not fight. What's done is done. Let's play a game before it's too late. What time is it anyway?
Karyn: It's 8:30! Jon, what time did you get here?
Jon: 5:00, maybe 5:15. I need to head home before my parents start worrying.
Karyn: If my parents realize there was a boy in my room for over three hours, they'll punish me so hard, so very hard.
Jon: I need to leave. The sooner I leave, the less likely they'll know I was here so long.
Karyn: Yeah, stay safe, Jon.

After Jon left Karyn's room, Karyn picked up a pamphlet she got from school. The pamphlet was about a maturity class, a class where students swap bodies with pregnant women for five weeks. The class was meant to prevent underage pregnancies. Parents can sign their daughters up at any time. Karyn wanted to wish that her parents would not choose to sign her up, but with the stone gone, she could only hope they would not sign her up.
As Jon was leaving the Black residence, he saw Karyn's mom and dad. Her dad was sleeping on a love seat, cuddling with his wife, Karyn's mom. Karyn's mom was looking at Jon, smiling. With her left hand, she shushed Jon. With her right hand, she waved goodbye. As Jon turned to leave, he saw a pregnancy test by the loving couple. Jon looked at Karyn's mom, then the pregnancy test, then back. Karyn's mom nodded to Jon. Once more, she shushed Jon and waved goodbye to Jon.
Jon waved goodbye, got in his car, and headed home. When Jon entered his home, he saw his sisters, Zoe and Summer, painting their fingernails. Zoe's nails were painted black, and Summer's nails were rainbow. Jon looked at his sisters and wondered how identical twins could be so different and still the same. Zoe was a goth, but Summer was a hippie. Zoe and Summer were not even their real names. Zoe's name is Amber, but she says it's not goth enough for her. Summer's real name is Mandy, but she says it sounds too dark, like "man die."

Jon: Hey, you two, how's it going?
Summer: Hey, Jon, you're back late. Did you go shopping? Get some new clothes and shoes?
Jon: Yes, yes, I did.
Zoe: Mom and dad want to have a yard sale next weekend. Look through your things, or they will, and you don't want them doing that, do you?
Jon: Why do they want a yard sale?
Summer: You weren't here for the call, were you?
Zoe: Grandpa's will left money to mom, fifteen million after tax.
Summer: Dad also got money, ten million before tax.
Zoe: All grandchildren get five million after tax, plus a part of his collection, like that stone he gave you.
Jon: Where did Grandpa get that money from?
Zoe: Grandpa bought a lotto ticket one month before his death, the first lotto ticket he ever bought, and he won 230 million. He didn't even spend any of it, just put it in the will.
Summer: Mom says when we get our money, and she says she won't let us have it until we're 21, or for a good reason.
Jon: So, what did you two get from Grandpa's collection?

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