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3. Foxy Girl

2. Secret Character Model

1. The Future of Gaming

Foxy Girl

on 2011-06-06 01:09:37

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I put in hair/color as red, species as half-elf, lycanthropoc species as red fox, ... and gender as female. I them proceeded to tweak some of her, My features until they were just right. I put in my character name as Dardiana Forgedawn. I ajusted to clothing so that I was wearing a leather bra top, green silk panties, leather short shorts and green elven shoes. I made my class archer, which got a bonus from my being an elf. I now had a leather quiver with twenty arrows in it and a bow attached, and a 2' long thin elvish blade strapped to my side. I then made enchantress my sub class. Happy with my decisions, I hit except and prepared to enter the game.

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