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2. Secret Character Model

1. The Future of Gaming

Bad things can be good things

on 2006-10-27 02:32:19

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I looked over the stats of the character I has made, and found them lacking. I remembered that you could get additional stat points in return for giving your character faults, negative quirks, and other bad points. I gave my character a few mild fears and gave up a few skills, but the boost was not enough to make my character good enough for combat. It seemed hopeless, but then I found the gold mine for stat points, diseases. And op front and center was the mother of all uncureable diseases. It was perfect, it was evil, it was brilliant.

It was Lycanthropy.

I would get a massave bonus to points, I would be as powerfull as players five times me level, and when I transformed my stats would rise even higher. All it would cost me was the risk of going on a murderus rampage once a month, and my species needed to be humanoid. But even that could be countered if I took enchanter as a sub-class. then I could make pendents that let me transform whenever I wanted and keep my mind in the process.

I put down all the class choices until all I needed to do to enter was select the last few details.





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