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24. This one's easy to fix

23. Gary and Karyn Become Partners

22. Gary Finds The Stone, But Can'

21. Karyn waits

20. Karyn tries to figure out what

19. Going to School

18. More troubles for Gary

17. What goes around, comes around

16. Gary Wants Revenge

15. Gary Gets Some Answers

14. Gary Looks For Jon Smith

13. Gary Meets His Daughter

12. At The Clinic

11. Gary's "Out of the Loop"

10. Jon and Karyn forget something

9. Tying up the loose ends

8. Back to - normal?

7. The new girls get the rock

6. Hi Jon (again)!

5. Not gonna do it.

This one's easy to fix

on 2005-04-01 02:34:22

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Fortunately for Gary, the easiest wish to fix is the one where you get the wrong result because you weren't specific enough. You can't reverse wishes, but you can reinterpret them, and wanting something to happen in the way you meant instead of the way you got is a reinterpretation.

"I wish that Karyn wasn't my mistress," said Gary. Karyn's expression didn't seem so starry-eyed any more. Yet she obviously wasn't hostile to him either--they were still partners. Success!

"So have you figured out how to get Jenny to remember the stone yet?" asked Karyn. "I know you didn't want to make her forget--it just turned out that way."

"I, um, not yet," replied Gary. "You can't reverse wishes, so it's hard to figure out how." That was interesting--Karyn didn't know Jenny was once a boy, but she still knew Gary was responsible for her forgetting about the stone. She just didn't hold it against him. After all, they were partners.

"Anyway," said Karyn, "we'd better get in the car or we'll get to the game late and miss half of Jenny's cheering."

"Umm," said Gary, "Do you mean Buffy? Why would I want to see Jenny cheering?"

"Oh, you changed your mind? You've always liked watching Jenny cheer. And I thought you didn't want to see Buffy cheerleading, because you were sad that Jenny had to change Biff into Buffy."

Well, that was another twist. Karyn still knew Gary was upset over Biff becoming Buffy--but no longer very upset, just a little bit upset. "Yeah, I guess I'm not quite as bothered by it any more," said Gary.

"That's good," said Karyn, smiling, as they got in the car. "Jenny will be so glad. She doesn't even remember Biff any more, but Buffy's her friend."

They drove to the game and Gary was met by his wife, Buffy, and Jenny. Jenny gave him a big hug and kiss, right in front of his wife. "Gary, I'm so glad you could make it." Jenny was acting a lot like Karyn had before--she seemed to be in love with him. And she obviously thought he loved her back, and his wife didn't care.

Then Gary realized that his reinterpretation wasn't a whole lot more specific than his original wish. Karyn and him were partners--but he and Karyn weren't lovers--because he was Jenny's lover and Karyn was Jenny's friend (again).

He considered making another wish, but the last two had turned out so badly that he decided to think a bit first. So Gary watched the game, watching his son (as Buffy) and his "mistress" Jenny cheer.

As he watched, he began thinking and had a few ideas that might work. But he didn't get a chance to wish for them, because....

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