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22. Gary Finds The Stone, But Can'

21. Karyn waits

20. Karyn tries to figure out what

19. Going to School

18. More troubles for Gary

17. What goes around, comes around

16. Gary Wants Revenge

15. Gary Gets Some Answers

14. Gary Looks For Jon Smith

13. Gary Meets His Daughter

12. At The Clinic

11. Gary's "Out of the Loop"

10. Jon and Karyn forget something

9. Tying up the loose ends

8. Back to - normal?

7. The new girls get the rock

6. Hi Jon (again)!

5. Not gonna do it.

4. Quick Stash

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

Under The Refrigerator

on 2005-03-31 14:43:39

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In a panic, Gary ran to the hall and threw himself into a closet. He barely got it closed before he heard a voice. It took him a moment to realize that it was Jon's friend Karyn, who had a part in his son's transformation.

What is she doing here? he thought.

"Hello? Anyone here? Mrs. Smith?" She smiled and ran upstairs to Jenny's bedroom. The stone would most likely be there.

Gary took this chance to continue looking for the stone. He looked everywhere, then he had a thought. He looked underneath the refrigerator and saw something lodged underneath. It was the stone! But his arm was too big to fit under. He couldn't grab it and pull it out.

He was concentrating so hard on reaching the stone that he didn't notice Karyn standing in the room.

"Mr. Meadows!"

He jumped at that. But now since Karyn knew he was here, he tried even harder to get the stone unlodged. Then a thought occured to him. He can't get the stone out, but he can touch it. Why not make a wish? A smile crept into Gary's face.

"You're looking for the stone, aren't you?" she asked him, not realizing that he had already found the stone.

Gary poked his finger at the stone and said "I wish ..."

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