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21. Karyn waits

20. Karyn tries to figure out what

19. Going to School

18. More troubles for Gary

17. What goes around, comes around

16. Gary Wants Revenge

15. Gary Gets Some Answers

14. Gary Looks For Jon Smith

13. Gary Meets His Daughter

12. At The Clinic

11. Gary's "Out of the Loop"

10. Jon and Karyn forget something

9. Tying up the loose ends

8. Back to - normal?

7. The new girls get the rock

6. Hi Jon (again)!

5. Not gonna do it.

4. Quick Stash

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

Gary Tries Again

on 2005-03-31 04:54:20

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Karyn was distracted during first period, trying to decide if she should go out partying with Jenny the next night. It wasn;t really her thing, but...

No, she finally decided, Jenny won't have the stone with her then anyway. if it's lost at her house, It'll just have to wait for the weekend. And if Mr. Meadows has it, it won't do any good to go over anyway. I'll just have to bide my time.

Which, ironically, was what Gary Meadows himself was thinking.


The next day, Jenny stayed after school to get ready for the game. Her mother left the house around 6:00 PM - she always went to watch Jenny cheer.

Finally Gary thought from down the street as he watched her car pull away. Despite Lorraine's pleas, he had declined to go to the game. She said he always went, and that "Beverly" would be disapponted, but Gary just couldn't bring himself to watch his transformed son (as he still thought of Buffy) strut and jiggle around in a cheerleader outfit.

So here he was, skulking around waiting for Miriam Smith to leave so he could break in to her house.

He knew he was taking a risk - if he got caught, he'd probably either wind up in jail or the nuthouse - but he couldn't let it go. He couldn't - wouldn't accept that his firstborn son was forever lost. He had to be trapped inside that girl somewhere, waiting to be rescued. And what kind of father would he be if he abandoned him?

Of course, Jon (Or Jenny, now, he thought with satisfaction) had told him the rock's effects were irreversable. But what if he was wrong? He needed that rock to try and bring Biff back.

And why stop there? With that rock, I can get myself a nice fat raise, a big promotion, a boat, a home stereo - hell, I can even make Lorraine and me a few years younger, rev up the old motor! And that's just for starters! If only that little bitch hand't knocked it out of my hand!

Gary waited a few minutes to make sure she wasn't coming back, then got out of his car and walked non-chalantly up the street. Carefully, he snuck back behind the house and after a few minutes, managed to jimmy open the door. He walked back into the den where he'd been confronted by Miriam only a few days before.

Okay, I was standing right here, holding the rock about like this. So I got distracted, turned towards the kitchen, and the girl hits me with that pillow. So where would it go from here if she hit me from the left like that?

He spent a few minutes looking around the floor, trying to spot it. He was so engrossed, he almost missed the sound of a key turning in the front lock.

What the... The game's just started! In a panic, Gary ran to the hall and threw himself into a closet. He barely got it closed before he heard a voice. It took him a moment to realize that it was...

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