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2. The Blue Branch

1. You Are What You Wish

The Blue Branch

avatar on 2018-02-06 09:04:37

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In the city of Lake Point, there once lived a boy. He once inherited a magical artifact of great power and import, a seemingly innocent stone, that caused him numerous adventures. Some were fun. Some were scary. Some changed the world. But, eventually, the boy grew up, and eventually he died, and somewhere along the way, his artifact left Lake Point.

Decades passed. Centuries. Eventually, war came to Lake Point. The boy was forgotten. The stone was forgotten. The city of Lake Point was forgotten. Her buildings were allowed to crumble, her infrastructure absorbed back into the ecosystem.

But the legacy of the boy and his stone remained. Because the very first thing he did with his nigh-unlimited ability was to change the color of a tree branch to blue. And, as it turns out, blue tree branches cannot be detroyed.

And, years after the fall of mankind, as the tribal remnants of the once-indomitable species of humanity struggled to find something, anything, that could recall to them the technological world they once knew, the branch was rediscovered.

Because if you have an indestructible blue tree branch strewn among a ruined city, eventually it will be found. And eventually someone will wonder by what power this branch came upon its color and its strength.

In the year 2518 Gregory McMillan, leader of the Aqua Acutis Tribe, returned to his ancestral home to look for an answer. Any answer. And what he found was a blue branch.

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