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2. Everyone gets the wr

1. You Are What You Wish

Everyone gets the wrong sex

on 2018-02-03 10:58:26

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Of course the next day at school Jon gets so excited and nervous he drops the rock in first period. As he panics to find the rock that fell out of his pocket the girl in the back of the class picks it up.

"Sarah, I need that rock"

Sarah looks at the nerdy boy for a second and replies "I wish I knew why you wanted such a dumb thing." As she finished, it occurred to her. This isn't a normal rock. It is a wishing stone.

"Sarah, seriously you don't know what you are doing." Jon was starting to get scared as what Sarah might do.

"Really, so I could say something like 'I wish I wasn't at high school but in college at an awesome house party'?" And just like that she vanished. Jon was horrified.

Moments later Sarah realized where she was. She instantly gained a few years in age but more importantly she was at college party. At first she loved it. Be as she had a few drinks she started to think...why stop here? She decided to have a little fun.

Sarah claimed up on a table and yelled out "Everyone...everyone. I have an announcement." The drunken party goes stopped and looked at the girl on the table expecting her to strip or do something else crazy. "Everyone here is going to get laid tonight!" Everyone cheered as that was basically how they expected to end the night. But Sarah had a more sinister plan. "However, I wish you all to get laid as the opposite sex and I wish the rock to have a little fun with the transformation."

The party goers looked at her funny wondering what this drunk girl was saying. But then people started to feel strange.

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