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2. Anyone Else

1. You Are What You Wish

Anyone Else

on 2017-07-23 22:10:17

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Jon sat in his room, feeling depressed, looking down at the stone. Karyn had already changed her life by making a foolish wish.

He made a decision. He was going to wish it out of his life. "I wish that I never received this stone and no one would remember that I did, not even me."

And suddenly...dynamic forces in the universe shifted away from Jon and Karyn...the world changed. In the new timeline, Jon never received the stone, nor did he have any memory of doing so. Someone else did.

But, due to the limitations on the range of the stone...that someone was in the same town that Jon lived in. And as Jon was within range...he'd likely be seen again, even if not the owner of the stone.

(Author's Note: The goal of this branch for me was to, in response to something said recently in the forum...explore some of the wonderful secondary characters we've created over the years. So, in this branch, Jon and Karyn are secondary characters, living out their lives...sometimes victims of someone else's wish and sometimes not. I think we've all created some interesting characters worth giving some love to.)

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