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2. Karyn has 2 bodies

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn has 2 bodies

on 2017-05-21 08:21:26
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2023-04-11 12:15:27

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Jon was on his bed, flipping the stone over in the palm of his hand, thinking of how best to fix Karyn's thoughtless wish.

The first thing that came to mind was something he really wanted to clear with her first. He came up with it after thinking about an episode of Star Trek the next generation, where Riker gets split in 2. So he called Karyn.

"Karyn, do you like the changes that were done to you, or do you want me to undo them, or does it not make much difference to you?" he asked.

"I hate it. I want these things GONE. And the hair is even worse. I don't want to look like a bimbo."

"All right Karyn. I have a few ideas I have been mulling around. The one I'm favoring the most is that I create a new body for you and then transfer your consciousness into it. What do you think of that plan?"

"Wow. That sounds pretty extreme. And I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. Would it really be me in there, or just a copy?"

"I know, I was thinking about that. That's why I wanted to talk to you about it, instead of just doing it. You wished that YOU would have the big breasts and long blonde hair, and the rock can't undo it, which means that in order for it to be able to remove them, it has to truly not be YOU, which would imply that it really would be just a copy and not actually you that makes it in the new body."

"Then why are you mentioning it?" she asked. "You already know the idea is no good."

"Because thinking about it, gave me an even weirder, and more extreme possible solution, that probably WOULD work. But it would be drastic."

"Which is?"

"First I wish for you to have two bodies. It would be like having four eyes, four arms, four legs, two heads. Even though you'd be only one person. And then, we kill one of you."


"What?" she asked.

Jon started to explain it all over again, but she interrupted him. "No, I heard you the first time, I didn't need you to repeat it! That's absolutely NUTS! And not nuts as in edible nuts. Not even nuts as in 'deez nuts, which I don't have. I mean insanity nuts!"

"It's the only way. You see, the stone doesn't have the power to take away your breasts or your blonde hair. But it can give you a whole new body, identical to your old one, in addition to the one you have now. You will be both bodies. And then I can do what the stone cannot, by MURDERING your original body, and you'll simply live on in your old body."

"I, I don't know if I, I mean, it, it could, but, is that really possible? Could I actually have two bodies at the same time?" Karyn asked.

"I don't know. Let's try it."

"Hold on! Don't do anything rash!" she pled.

"I'll do it with a time limit, so you can see what it's like first. So I'd start off by wishing that you would have two bodies for the next 5 minutes. Then you go back to normal. Then if it works like we think, we can do it permanently and then go through with it."

"All right. I'm open to trying it for 5 minutes. Let's do it." Karyn said.

Jon picked up the stone. "I wish that Karyn would have two bodies instead of one, that they would share a common consciousness and that she would experience life through both at the same time, as the two would be in constant mental communication with each other and they would both be her, and that the new one would physically be made to be identical to her body as it was earlier today before the wish that gave her long blonde hair and bigger breasts. There, that should do it," Jon said, and put down the stone.

"FOR THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES!" Karyn screamed into the phone.

"What?" Jon said.

"YOU NEVER SAID, OH GOD, IT HAPPENED! JON, YOU NEVER SAID FOR THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES!" Jon heard two voices say at the other end of the phone at the same time.

"What? Of course I did."

"No you didn't Jon, I listened to you speak the wish over the phone, you never said anything about it lasting 5 minutes!"

"Are... are you sure?"


"Oh, shit!" he said. "I'm, I'm sorry Karyn! I don't know how I managed to mess that up! I guess I was planning on saying 'for the next 5 minutes' at the end but by the time I got to the end, I forgot I didn't say it at the beginning!"

"There's, there's two of me now Jon!"

"Are they both you?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm really seeing life from four eyes. This is so weird, so disorienting."

"Well at least it worked like we thought. So we go through with the plan then."

"What? You mean, kill the original me?"


"I don't know, Jon. What if, what if it causes permanent damage?"

"Permanent damage? Like how?"

"I don't know! They're both me Jon! So that means if one of me learns something the other knows it instantly. Any change to one brain happens to the other. Doesn't that likely include damage? Maybe I'll even die if one of me dies!"

"Oh, I see what you're getting at. Hmm. I guess it might not be worth the risk."

"Might not be worth the risk!? You should have thought about that before!" Karyn was furious. "Jon, what am I going to do!"

"Please, calm down Karyn. We'll figure out something tomorrow morning, all right? Try to relax. This is a lot of pressure."

"You think this is a lot of pressure to YOU? You think YOUR situation is tense?"

"I'm sorry Karyn! I'm so sorry! It was an accident! I don't know what else I can say!"

"I," sigh, "can't stay that furious at you," she said, defeated. "I know it was an accident. Just don't wish for anything weird right now, we'll decide on the next step tomorrow."

"Good night Karyn."

"Good night Jon."

They hung up. Karyn looked at herself. It was amazing. They weren't two separate people. True to the wish, one was the original her, her body as it was supposed to be. The other was the larger breasted one with long blonde hair. "Hi, how's it goin', other me," she said from her original body, the one with the larger breasts, Karyn-1 we'll call her.

"Hi there," Karyn-2 said to Karyn-1. "Quite some big ones you've got there, blondie."

"Yours are much more attractive, I'd kill for ones like yours, they're the right size, they're not cumbersome and ridiculous like mine, and your hair is better too, mine is just dumb and slutty," Karyn-1 said back to Karyn-2. "In fact, you're so cute, I just want to hold you and never let you go."

Karyn half-heartedly laughed at this from both bodies.

"Seriously though, it's amazing how well-coordinated I am, I would have expected I would be tripping all over myself, controlling twice as many arms and legs, and seeing from two different perspectives at the same time," she thought to herself. "Maybe it's because I have two brains now, so each one has stuff like coordination built into it, and so my conscious 'mind' is separate from some of the components that are part of the 'brains'."

She brushed all her teeth and then fell asleep embraced in a hug around herself, her smaller breasts smushed against her bigger ones.

That night, she had really weird dreams. She dreamt that she was kissing two Jons, cuddling with him. Even in her dreams, she had two bodies now. It was so natural for her to visualize herself with two bodies, it was almost impossible for her to imagine not being two people. Of course she would dream about making out with two people at the same time with her two bodies. Of course when she woke up, she was kissing herself.

"Wow, that's kind of sexy," she said, waking up. She tried kissing herself some more. "It's not nearly as fun when I'm awake and aware that I'm kissing myself."

She got in the shower, both of her. She washed both copies of all her places. And then... she couldn't resist the temptation. She put her face to one of her crotches with the others' heads. It was so easy. So comfortable.

She stopped, not having gone all the way but at a fair level of arousal. "Oh my god, that was so good," she said from two mouths. "But, but I have two of them now," she said in wonderment. She finished with her shower and excitedly went to her bed. She was almost late for school because she spent so long 69ing herself. She wondered if that made her a lesbian.

She got up from her bed, standing with Karyn-2 right up against Karyn-1's back, her breasts against her back. And she moved her two bodies together, as if they were one person. She stomped around the room a little, wondering briefly if there was an article of clothing she could fit around both bodies. That might be fun. The weird thing was that it would feel a little bit too natural. She could totally pull it off, living like that, going about her day, if there was a big shirt that could be fit around them both, with two arms coming out each sleeve, two heads coming through the neck hole. But the answer she decided on, was that Karyn-1 would stay behind in the closet. After sleeping in her own embrace and 69ing herself all morning, one of her would be staying in the closet. She amused herself by thinking of that. No, she reconsidered, that was a really dumb joke. But that was her literal plan, to keep a duplicate her hidden, in her closet.

At least until she met her mother.

"Where's the other you, sweetie," she said. "You need to get to school."

"What?" she asked. "Your other body, Karyn, you know the school board decided that you are forbidden from leaving one of them at home, since you could cheat on tests, with one of them miles away looking up the answers.

"Oh, that's right," Karyn thought. "Everyone else knows about the other me, since reality changed to make everyone think I had always been that way."

The problem was that the other her had just slipped on her pajamas. But she quickly got dressed. And the two of them both went to school.

"Hi Karyn... Karyn," Jon said to Karyn-1 and Karyn-2 at school.

"You do look good, this morning. And you're moving so separately. Are you really the same consciousness?"

"Whisper something in my ear," Karyn-2 said to him. "Quietly." Karyn-1 stood off, 40 feet away.

He did so.

"Daffodils!" Karyn-1 shouted, from that distance away.

"Wow. It's just hard to believe because you do it so well. But you're really occupying two places at the same time. A trick Superman would kill for. So, have you thought of the way we're going to, you know?"

"You know?" she asked him.

"Kill the big-breasted version?"

"What? I thought we were in agreement that it was too risky! No, actually, I've decided I'm going to stay like this. I like it. It's even better than just getting my old body back. Sure, one of me has the bimbo hair and the big tits, but this way I get variety, and it's nice being this way. You should try it too. Not with one of you having big tits that is, just there being two of you."

"Wow," Jon replied.

From that day, there simply were two of Karyn. She could easily make it look like they were separate people, but she was sneaky that way, she could play a game of ping-pong with one of her, while the other one was competently playing a video game. But it was important you never forget that they weren't separate people and that she was in two places at the same time, even though they didn't even look the same. It was weird at times, but both Jon and Karyn liked it. It was like he had two best friends, but she could easily give him a reminder that she wasn't, at any time.

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