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2. The Game

1. You Are What You Wish

Not waiting till tomorrow

on 2017-02-09 07:30:33

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As I walked home I thought of the limits of the wishing stone and had an idea. I would wish for a new magical object which had magic that could be reversed "I wish one of my friends had bought a magic board game that could do anything, but all its magic was reversible" I wished.

"hey Jon-Boy" came a call I recognised straight away as Billy, one of the chess team and one of my few friends, I turned to great him. He was stood with Karen, Jessica, Gordon and Fred. Some of the geekiest students at the high school and my friends. None of them seemed bothered about Karen's new hair and breasts. "I found this game in a yard sale and thought we could play it" Billy said holding up an old wooden box, "let's go back to my place and play it"...

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