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New boobs
2017-02-21You Are What You Wish20
Curse, Jo vs the 1st stone
2017-02-21You Are What You Wish19
Joanne decides to destroy the stone
2017-02-21You Are What You Wish18
The Stones
Joanne Vs The Magical Stones
2017-02-21You Are What You Wish17
Jo gives up her place
Zoe enters the game
2017-02-21You Are What You Wish16
Finding out she is stuck
Jo's turn
2017-02-21You Are What You Wish15
Finding out the hard way
A series of events
2017-02-20You Are What You Wish14
To good to miss
Karyn and Mickey let Jo know
2017-02-20You Are What You Wish13
Altering reality
Final Steps
2017-02-20You Are What You Wish12
Things get worse
Steves go
2017-02-20You Are What You Wish11
Back to the game
Next Day
2017-02-20You Are What You Wish10
Back to the game
At Freddy's
2017-02-11You Are What You Wish9
Mikey doesn't share
Bimbo thing to say
2017-02-11You Are What You Wish8
Wishes are not reversable, but they can be altered
Back to geek
2017-02-11You Are What You Wish7
2017-02-11You Are What You Wish6
It gets worse
Brother and continue the game
2017-02-11You Are What You Wish5
New game
2017-02-11You Are What You Wish4
At Billys
The game begins
2017-02-11You Are What You Wish3
Not waiting till tomorrow
The Game
2017-02-09You Are What You Wish2
Trying to explain
2016-12-24You Are What You Wish6
What next!
New body
2016-12-24You Are What You Wish5
Things get worse
The new body: Random 1
2016-12-24You Are What You Wish4
The cult
Who is she? Choice 1
2016-12-24You Are What You Wish3
Episode 1: The disaster
The Swap
2016-12-24You Are What You Wish2
Enter the bitch
Jon dies the right thing
2016-10-23You Are What You Wish5
Wishing Stone Inception
2016-10-23You Are What You Wish4
Helping Karyn out
Trouble concentrating
2016-10-22You Are What You Wish4
Sandra sits next to Karyn
Mother and Daughters Game
2016-10-17You Are What You Wish6
Curses all around
Confronting Karyn
2016-10-15You Are What You Wish16
Love Potion: Jon Confesses all
To Jon's house
2016-10-15You Are What You Wish15
Jon's new life
Pam returns
2016-10-08You Are What You Wish18
Jon's night
Jon's new life and the adventures of Carl and Pam
2016-10-08You Are What You Wish17
The car trip
Carl ruins Jon's plans
2016-10-08You Are What You Wish16
Jon's in for a long night
Luck runs out
2016-10-08You Are What You Wish15
Looking for the stone
Jon waits till later
2016-10-08You Are What You Wish14
Jon puts his trust in a nun
Jon returns to the room
2016-10-06You Are What You Wish11
Off to pray
Running out of options
2016-10-04You Are What You Wish10
A more peaceful life
Divine intervention
2016-10-04You Are What You Wish9
Jon has a redo
Somewhere else
2016-10-04You Are What You Wish8
Jon's idea
Easy fix
2016-10-04You Are What You Wish7
New life for Suzie
Sarah Merlin is the new Stone master
2016-08-25You Are What You Wish8
Suzies day
After the exam
2016-08-25You Are What You Wish7
Sarah becomes a woman
Sarah has fun in Maths
2016-08-25You Are What You Wish7
A difficult test
And so it begins... Jon's new life
2016-08-25You Are What You Wish6
Sarah acts fast
And so it begins.... Sarah's new life
2016-08-25You Are What You Wish6
Jon has an idea
The next day
2016-08-25You Are What You Wish5
Sarah hatches a plan
Wishing to know more...
2016-08-25You Are What You Wish4
Jon returns to being normal.
Fixing Jon
2016-07-19You Are What You Wish12
Sarah fixes things
Fixing Jenny
2016-07-19You Are What You Wish11
Sarah fancies Jenny and she doesn't like it
Only temporary
2016-07-19You Are What You Wish10
Jon gets himself in trouble
Karyn has a plan
2016-07-09You Are What You Wish5
Controlling Jon
Sarah controls the rock
2016-07-09You Are What You Wish4
Jon's boobs
Karyns's Wish
2016-06-02You Are What You Wish10
Sarah takes out the competition
Fixing Karyn
2016-05-29You Are What You Wish6
The Bitch makes her move 2
What "Karyn" Wants
2016-05-29You Are What You Wish5
Jon fixes Karyns problem
A Flash of Light 2
2016-05-29You Are What You Wish4
Karyn gets what she wants
No ID continued
2016-05-17You Are What You Wish23
Catherine's brand new day
2016-05-17You Are What You Wish22
Catherine's fresh slate
He quits
2016-05-17You Are What You Wish21
Gary's Idea
2016-05-17You Are What You Wish20
Height change
2016-05-16You Are What You Wish19
Fixing more of the card
2016-05-16You Are What You Wish20
Zoe releases her sister
New Jon
2016-04-19You Are What You Wish7
New dad
A few hours later
2016-04-19You Are What You Wish6
Not what Jon wanted
Sinclair visits Jon
2016-04-09You Are What You Wish6
Not a teenage girl
Jon's new life
2016-04-09You Are What You Wish5
Jon's choice?
Jon's Curse
2016-04-09You Are What You Wish4
Jon's wish
Wish for the answer
2016-04-09You Are What You Wish3
CMM: Removing John
John and Karyns lives change forever
2016-02-27You Are What You Wish7
CMM: Mrs McMillan gets the stone.
Mr McMillans point of view.
2016-02-27You Are What You Wish6
CMM: The new dynamic
John brings back Sarah
2016-02-27You Are What You Wish5
Changing Mr McMillan
2016-02-27You Are What You Wish4
Changing the past
2016-02-20You Are What You Wish4
No more Sarah
Reverse Butterfly Effect
2016-02-20You Are What You Wish3
Bunny changes
Biting the biscuit
2016-02-20You Are What You Wish9
Bunny eats the cookie
That night
2016-02-20You Are What You Wish8
Karyn meets up with John
At school
2016-02-20You Are What You Wish7
follow "Bunny"
Follow John
2016-02-19You Are What You Wish6
Sarah says goodnight to John
2016-02-19You Are What You Wish5
They head to the chinease
The swap
2016-02-19You Are What You Wish4
John doesn't realise.
Sarah gets revenge
2016-02-19You Are What You Wish3
Jon gets an idea thanks to the TV
Body Swap
2016-02-19You Are What You Wish2
A NEW story, idea
If so then make it new
2016-01-23The Forum3
AI-Heels Scarlet runs off quick.
Scarlet remembers the audition
2016-01-01You Are What You Wish18
AI-JJ Jon gets mature
2016-01-01You Are What You Wish12
Wait wait...
AI-JJ the list and other wishes
2016-01-01You Are What You Wish11
Jenny does as she is told
2016-01-01You Are What You Wish12
AE-IB2 FP Jenny goes to school
The next day
2015-12-30You Are What You Wish11
AI-EB2 Jenny is born
Karyn gets hit by a bus
2015-12-30You Are What You Wish10
AE-IB2 Jon becomes Female
Sarah's wish
2015-12-30You Are What You Wish9
Not much change
AI-EB Jenny heads to school
2015-12-30You Are What You Wish7
Jon becomes a Halfling Bard
Cannot wait
2015-12-30You Are What You Wish3
Creating the Dungeon Master
Dungeons and Dragons
2015-12-29You Are What You Wish2
What does Jon's new life bring?
A new Jon take 1
2015-12-28You Are What You Wish22
Karyn uses the stone to find out why Jonnies wishes are so negative.
Swapping minds
2015-12-28You Are What You Wish21
Jonnie gets fat
Negative effect on Jonnie
2015-12-28You Are What You Wish20
Addicted to gum
Gum side effects
2015-12-28You Are What You Wish19
Jonnies twisted wish kinda fixes things
Make the squad... Kinda
2015-12-28You Are What You Wish18
Life as a fugly airhead
2015-12-28You Are What You Wish17
Sarah makes a curse
A curse
2015-12-28You Are What You Wish16

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