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2. The Swap

1. You Are What You Wish

Episode 1: The disaster

on 2016-12-24 08:25:51

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I walked into my house to find my mother sobbing loudly and my family sat around the television.

On the screen a breaking news story was running, the white house and Washington had been destroyed in a nuclear blast leaving countless dead including all of the government.

I felt anger growing in me, how could this have happened, who were responsible. I had to fix it, grasping the stone "I wish Washington had not been attacked" I said watching the stone. I cursed myself, it was too far away.

As the news continued it became more apparent that the bomber had escaped and nobody knew who had caused such an attack, a man hunt was under way.

I slipped off to my bedroom, it was getting late now and I had to find a any to fix things, a way to extend the range of the wish. "I just wish I could make the bomber give the self in, so they can be punished" I swore slamming the stone on my bedside table.

It glowed.

Suddenly I was on a high speed train, I looked out the window at the dessert, where was I, it must be somewhere in range of the wishing stone. The stone, my eyes grew wide and I shot up in my seat searching frantically.

I didn't find the stone, but that soon became the least of my problems. I was wearing a dress, showing a lot of cleavage... I stared at my hands, long red nails, gold bangles, rings I didn't recognise. Who was I and where was I going. A guard asked me if I was ok, but i grabbed the woman's bag and pushed past him towards the toilet, noticing how tall he was as I struggled to walk in the woman's high heels.

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