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2. Mikey's princess wish

1. You Are What You Wish

Mikey's princess wish

on 2016-05-12 20:59:59

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Jon arrived home after school. It had been a long day and he was tired, so he decided to relax with a long bath. Would give him some time to think over what to wish for. He put the book his bedroom dresser, knowing no one knew its power, so he wasn't worried anyone would bother it. He closed his bedroom door and headed down the hallway to the bedroom.

About the same time, his ten year old brother arrived home. He had a rough day, some bigger kids had been picking on him and there was almost a fight until a teacher happened to walk by. He started to head to his room, but then decided to stop by Jon's room and ask what time their parents would be home that day. He open Jon's door and found the room empty. He was about to close the door and just to his room, but his eyes stopped on a rock sitting on Jon's dresser. It looked normal, not like a fossil or something interesting. He picked it up and asked, "I wish I knew why Jon has this rock."

Suddenly, Mikey felt a strange feeling, like a voice was feeding information to his brain. He suddenly knew the story of the rock, and what it was capable of. Mikey had to act fast. He grabbed the rock and ran into his room.

The reason why some boys had picking on him that day was because he was "different". Mikey secretly loved to play dress-up, mainly as a princess, and he particularly loved the Disney princesses. His father had found out once and took away the few dresses he had hidden away. He had luckily managed to save his movie collection though. Today, he had overheard some girls talking about who their favourite Disney princesses were and he tried to join in the conversation. The girls gave him weird looks, and the boys overheard him, and that's when the trouble began.

He held the rock and said, "I wish all princesses were boys, and that all boys loved to play dress-up as princesses." There was a flash. Mikey was elated to see his closet filled with pretty dresses! He quickly took off his clothes and put one on, it fit perfectly! No one would pick on him now! He decided to celebrate by watching some of his princess movies, and was surprised to see his wish had changed some other things too...

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