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2. Body Swap

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon gets an idea thanks to the TV

on 2016-02-19 19:24:29

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Jon arrived home to find His sister Zoe watching some chick flick, "Hey Zoe, What ch' watchin?" I asked jumping on the sofa next to her. "freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan, pass the chips" Zoe replied happily, pointing at a pack of Doritos sat just out of reach, "yeah sure, shove over a bit" I grabbed the bag and opened it for us to eat.

after a lazy evening I headed to bed, where I lay fiddling with the stone, maybe the film was how to fix Karyn... I decided I'd try it, grabbing my mobile phone I rang Karyn. "hi Karyn I wish that you had big boobs and long blond hair just like Sarah's because you had swapped bodies due to an enchanted fortune cookie Both of you had eaten last night" I said. The stone flashed.

"did it work, did my wish swap you and Sarah?" I asked excitedly.

The phone was silent for a moment.

"No Jon-boy I'm afraid not, why don't you wish to come over?" She replied. I sighed I was sure it would work. "I wish I were at Karyns house" I wished.

Jon's room sat empty and dark, except for the light of his phone gently vibrating, the caller ID read Sarah.

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