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2. Dungeons and Dragons

1. You Are What You Wish

Creating the Dungeon Master

on 2015-12-29 23:29:27

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At home I felt restless so picked up my copy of Dungeons and Dragons Nth edition and a pad of graph paper, I would be meeting up with Karyn and the gang for a weekend of role playing after school on Friday and needed to get ready. I was just thinking of what monsters to populate my dungeon with when I looked at the stone.

"no it's too risky" I said to myself, thinking of all the possible ways my idea could go wrong... But then again it could be a lot of fun. "I wish for dungeons and Dragons to be real, but within a magical realm in the book. I wish that the book was its own Dungeon Master and would create an amazing set of campaigns for me and my friends to play this weekend. I also wish for the games to be safe and death to result in rolling for a new character to play." That should cover it, I won't have to be dungeon master this week and I can get to enjoy a plot I know nothing about.

The stone flashed and before me sat a game masters screen unlike any I'd seen before, it was solid and made from what felt like human flesh, inked in what looked like human blood were the words, ROLL TWO ZOCCHIGEDRON DICETO BEGIN, I looked at the two 100 sided spheres in my collection of dice. Friday couldn't come soon enough I though.

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