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2. And So It Begins...

1. You Are What You Wish

A not so brand new day

on 2015-08-04 09:30:16

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The next day Karyn stopped me outside on the yard, "Did you bring it?" She asked cheerfully, I stared at her cleavage, I'd never seen Karyn wearing such a revealing top, "yeah it's here, you ok?" I asked.

She took the stone from my hand, "Sure am Jon, I wish I had a magic watch that allows me to turn back time" she said, an old fashioned pocket watch appeared in her free hand. "What's that, I hope your being carefuluferac gnieb ruoy epoh I ,taht s'tahW"

"Yeah it's here, you ok?" I asked. "I am now Jon" Karyn replied playing with an old pocket watch, "What's that?" I asked. "don't worry, see you yesterday" Karyn said winking.

Karyn winded as her body moved backwards on autopilot, eventually arriving at the previous day, "skrow siht fi ees s'tel" she said as she neared the moment, sure enough her boobs sucked back into her chest, her hair shortened and reddened,

".noitnetta eht fo emos teg d'I neht ebyam dna sboob gib dna riah dnolb gnol dah I hsiw I ,doG .gnileef lareneg a tsuJ .oN"

I grinned. "ralucitrap ni enoyna no eye ruoy toG Got your eye on anyone in particular?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

Karyn just smiled at me happily "Oh yes I have someone in mind" she smiled as Sarah McMillan, head cheerleader and class-A bitch, was wandering across the yard followed by her usual entourage of drooling, overmuscled football players and other assorted testosterone-fueled flunkies.

"You're wrong about undoing wishes, come on" Karyn said placing an old pocket watch into her pocket and following Sarah, "where are we going?" Jon asked running behind her. "to have some fun, I wish that me and Jon would have all knowledge of changes caused by the stone from now." She said determinedly.

I frowned, "Ok but be careful" I said as we caught up with Sarah "What are you two doing here, get them away from me" one of her flunkies walked over and swung at me, Karyn pulled me back just in time and he stump bled forward. "What the" he said taking a swing at Karyn, she ducked and he tripped again, annoyed he tried to kick her, I watched as she stepped back and caught his foot effortlessly and pushed it up.... He fell to the floor. A second lacky charged her, I watched in amazement as Karyn dodged each attempt to hit her and again another jock was rolling in pain on the floor without Karyn even throwing a punch. "What the hell you freak, get away from me" Sarah screamed. Karyn simply walked up to her "I wish you were nicer and secretly a lesbian" Karyn whispered in her ear. Sarah felt flustered, "wish all you like you dyke, I'm not a lesbian and I'll be nice to whoever I want" she said rushing away, she kept looking back at Karyn and me as she went.

"wow that was so cool, but really painful, those boys really know how to throw a punch" Karyn said laughing, "What do you mean?" I asked as Karyn placed the stone in my hands. "Don't worry, just be careful with that thing" Karyn said as she wished me a good night and ran off home.

I looked around the deserted yard and decided to head home, tomorrow was another day...

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