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2. Karyn fixes her problem.

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn fixes her hair and chest

on 2015-06-30 16:55:25

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I walked round the corner and straight into Karyn's breasts walking back the other way. We both blushed, "Umm I couldn't wait till tomorrow" she said as we started walking towards home. "So what do you want to do?" I asked.

Karyn looked down at her hidden breasts and moved a strand of long yellow hair from her shelf. "I don't know, but I don't want to go home blonde or see what mess I've gotten myself into, you said wishes change reality, will this have effected mom and Steffany?" Karyn asked, obviously concerned about the effect on her family.

"I don't think we can fix it Karyn, I'd quit while we are ahead" I blushed staring at her chest. "yeah ahead for you, my face is up here, anyway give me the stone, if it doesn't work what harm is there?" She said. I looked up, she had a point, I handed her the stone "Ok, but careful" I warned.

"Ok Jon, from what I know of biology this might work, also maybe. I can't shrink my breasts, but I'd rather have no breasts then these monsters" Karyn smiled, hefting her breasts under each of her delicate hands, wow she was so hot and I felt myself grow hard thinking about her. She held the stone up for dramatic effect, "I wish that the women in my family have a gene, which is switched on at puberty, where our hair turns redder as we get older, I also wish that I did not currently have any breasts at" she sighed lowering the stone. It flashed and both our eyes opened in wonder as Karyns breasts started to deflate. Her hair however remained long and blonde.

"haha it's working" Karyn grabbed my hands in her own and was jumping up and down, "yeah great" I tried to force a smile. "Oh come on Jon, it's a good thing, you wouldn't want a huge rack would you" she replied still jumping away. Her jumper looked baggy but didn't look nearly as worn and her slacks looked newer as well. Wait was she shorter."I'm so happy" Karyn said her voice raising an octave as she jumped into my arms and hugged me. "Karyn I think something's gone wrong" I said, "Let's get you home quick" I started running, Karyns hand in my own. "slow down" Karyn said running behind me.

Finally we arrived and I rang the bell, Karyns mom answered her hair was still red but she now sported huge breasts, they were on display in her low cut top, wow what a milf, I felt a tug on my arm "Jon" came a sort voice from behind. "Steffany come and get your sister" Karyns mom shouted giving me a dirty look. "Hey I'm sorry we are late, can I come in?" I asked as Steffany, Karyns 18 year old sister came out. Wow she looked hot with her scruffy short red hair and massive breasts also on display in a low cut summer top. "Jon, I" came the voice again behind me as Karyn let go of my hand. She walked past me, giving me a look of disapproval, "What's the matter?" I asked as I turned to see her easily lifting Karyn in her arms.

I did a double take, the blonde in Steffanys arms couldn't have been more then four years old, her long blonde hair and green jumper gave her away as being Karyn, she had children's blue slacks on and a pair of blue plastic saddles. "Karyn" I asked", Karyn stared right at me a look of terror on her face "Jon help" she said dropping the stone on the floor. look Jon, you should not be hanging out with my little girl, I've been worried sick, you're a teenage boy, I'll be having words with your mother" Karyns mom seemed angry, I noticed Steffany scoop the stone up with one hand while expertly carrying Karyn in the other, then walk into the house.

"wait, I need th..." The door slammed in my face " stone." I said, oh no now what could I do.

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