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2. Sarah is Friendly with Karyn

1. You Are What You Wish

Sarah is Friendly with Karyn

avatar on 2014-08-14 23:56:01

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Jon met Karyn the next day before school. She looked a little different, to his eye. A little more comfortable in her slightly-new skin. And she wanted the stone.

"I want the stone," she articulated bluntly.

Jon wasn't so sure.

"I'm not so sure," he deflected.

The two argued back and forth, and in the end, Karyn managed to convince Jon that, after a night to think about everything that had happened, she really just needed the security of knowing where the stone was. She wasn't planning on making any wishes, and if she thought of any she'd consult Jon first.

With a sigh of empathy for his friend, Jon begrudgingly relented and handed over the stone. Which would not have lead to any interesting consequences at all if not for what happened next.

Jon and Karyn parted ways, each going to their respective first hour classes, when Karyn was stopped by a familiar, although unsettling, voice.

"So did you get it?" Sarah McMillan nudged Karyn in the arm, co-conspiratorially.

"Get what?" Karyn wore a confused expression.

"Jon's stone," Sarah hissed. "Did you get it away from him like we talked about?"

Karyn's mind immediately drew itself to the wishing stone she had only just placed in her backpack. It had done something.

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