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2. Chapter One

1. You Are What You Wish

Reboot: Chapter One

on 2012-09-29 06:31:43

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(Author's Note: Reboot is my attempt to start with a completely different take on Jon and co, with none of the previously established secondary characters. Hope you enjoy...)

Jon headed home from school. Both he and Karyn lived within walking distance of school. Jon lived in a three-bedroom townhouse with his parents. He often preferred to hang out at Karyn's house, even though her siblings could be a bit annoying.

It was mostly because Karyn's Mom loved to cook. Jon's mom was a horrible cook. It was his father who did most of the cooking, but nothing quite so elaborate as what Karyn's mom cooked.

Jon unlocked the door and headed to his room. He wondered what Karyn's wish would do. Wishing to look more like the Head Cheerleader probably wouldn't lead to anything good.

He was reasonably certain that Sarah didn't even know his or Karyn's name, which would probably help.

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