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4. Karyn Gets Back at Jon For Mak

3. Personality Manipulator

2. Jon wishes up a device

1. You Are What You Wish

Personality Manipulator: Turnabout is Fair Play

avatar on 2023-02-04 23:13:45

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As she followed Jon, Karyn thought about what it might be like to try the device. Nonchalantly, she asked him "Jon, can I see the gun? I want to see what settings it has." He handed it to her without a second thought.

Karyn scrolled through the list of personalities, thinking about what each might do. There were a lot of them. She had no idea there were so many different personalities that someone could have. DITZY, she knew, obviously, but what about others, like GAMER or WEEABOO? Or ...

In an instant, it hit her. She knew which one she wanted to try.

Continuing to follow behind Jon, she lined up her shot. She tapped her choice on the screen, then said "Hey, Jon! Think of this as payback for making me a ditz!"

As he turned, she pulled the trigger, hearing that weird high-pitched sound emanating from the device again. Karyn watched his appearance change, as she smiled to herself. She had definitely found the best option for payback, which was ...

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