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3. Personality Manipulator

2. Jon wishes up a device

1. You Are What You Wish

Personality Manipulator

avatar on 2007-02-04 00:15:01

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"I wish I had a device that allowed me to change the personality traits of anyone I select with it."

As Jon said that, an odd looking gun appeared on his bed. It had a little view screen on it, displaying a list of words. The words seemed to be types of personalities. Some were just one word, while others were more than word, which made those choices more specified.

Jon moved his finger down the list and tapped the word DITZY. He smiled.

"What's so funny?" Karyn asked.

After he tapped the word, the screen turned all white and a single word appeared: READY.

Jon turned the "gun" towards Karyn.

"Jon? What are you doing?"

He pulled the trigger. A weird high-pitched sound eminated from the device, then stopped.

He looked at Karyn. Her clothing had changed, becoming slightly more slutty. And definitely tighter.

"Like, what did you do to me Jon? I feel like ... like ..." She stopped for a second, then stared at Jon. "Oh ... my ... gawd ... I feel like an airhead."

"Close. You're a ditz." Jon smiled. He couldn't help it. He looked her over. He expected a change in her personality, but apparently her clothes changed too, probably to match her new lifestyle. He also expected her memory to change, but she still seemed to have her original memories. And it was obvious that her change was freaking her out.

"Like, how could you do this to me, Jon?"

"It was just a test, that's all. I can change you back."


"Sure." Jon looked back at the device's view screen and scrolled through the choices, looking for a "reverse" option. Occasionally, he looked up at Karyn, who was apparently checking herself out in the mirror, with a dumb smile on her face. After about a half minute of searching, he started to get worried. He hadn't wished for a "reverse" setting to come with the device. Maybe there wasn't one.

But then, once he finally made it to the end of the list, he saw it: REVERSE.

He tapped it and pointed the device at Karyn, who was now looking down at her chest (now inside a tight halter top), again with a dumb smile on her face. "You know. Maybe it was, like, a good idea to make these bigger. I mean, now I'll, like, have guys ..."

She didn't finish her sentence, because after Jon pulled the trigger, she was back to normal, clothes and all. A look of disgust came over her face.

"I can't believe I was acting like that." She looked at Jon and her expression changed to anger. "How could you do that to me? I was a ditzy slut or something."

"But you had all of your memories, right?"

"Well, yeah. But it was weird. I knew I wasn't supposed to act like that, but I couldn't help it. Right there at the end, I started to want to be like that. It felt good. Normal. Now it just makes me sick."

"Your clothes also changed," Jon pointed out.

"Yeah. I noticed that too." She sat down on Jon's bed and sighed. "What are you gonna do with it now?"

"Use it someone else. That's what."

"Jon. Maybe this wasn't the best thing to wish for."

"Why? What's the worst that could happen? Besides, there's a reverse option."

"I suppose," Karyn said, not sounding very convinced.

"Come on. Let's go find someone to use it on." He got up and left his bedroom. Karyn got up, hesitantly, and followed him.

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