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6. Jake finishes

5. joining sis 2

4. Tiny time

3. shoes

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

Jake finishes

on 2023-01-21 06:28:36

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Jake watched the changes begin. His body turning female, shrinking, fairy wings grow, and body start too glow.

When it finished he checked the clock he had thirty minutes until his mom came to check on him. He needed
too learn how too fly before she came. He also needed too get dressed the fairy doll came with a tank top, skirt,
and hair clip.

He got the skirt on. The hair clip on but could not get the top on. The wings kept getting in the way. But he learned
that he could fly by moving his wings a little. He then flew to the living room where his mom and sister were
watching tv. He saw his no she saw her sister sitting on their mothers shoulder and decided to join. When she
landed on her mom's shoulder mom screamed in panic.

mom /jenny''aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa''

Jake sat on her mom's left shoulder laffing.

jenny sat on her mom's right shoulder screaming.

mom screamed and jumped up when some thing or someone grabbed her then realizing who it was.

Looking at Jake her new little girl she had questions the first being.

mom ''Jake why are you topless.''

jenny ''Big sis your a girl now girl's don't go topless.''

Jake held up the top and said.

Jake ''My wings kept getting in my way help me get it on.''

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