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5. joining sis 2

4. Tiny time

3. shoes

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

joining sis 2

on 2023-01-21 04:56:16

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Jake looked at his sister and thought it looked fun but inconvenient.

Was there a better way a less inconvenient way. Then he remembered something his friend kim moved away years ago
and left her favorite doll with him as a reminder of their friendship a fairy doll with removable clothing.

If this work's he might not change back! He looked at his mom and said.

jake ''I want to surprise you two can I change in my room.''

mom '' Sure thing sweetie just let me know if you need help.''

jake ''If I'm not back in one hour come get me ok?''

mom/jenny ''Ok''

Jake took the medallion with him to his room.

mom ''let's watch tv while we wait for him.''

jenny ''ok''

Jake entered his room and started looking in plastic totes fore the fairy doll. When he found it removed the top it had the
wing holes built in. Then he grabbed a mirror from the bathroom and leaned it against a pillow on his bed. He then put
on the medallion grabbed the fairy doll top and pressed it too the medallion. Then he sat down on his bed and looked
at the mirror and watched the changes.

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