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4. Tiny time

3. shoes

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

Jenny the penny

on 2010-12-19 05:25:37

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"So your saying that this Medallion should work on any clothing?" Jenny said thoughtfully.

"Well i would think so why what do you have in mind?" mom asked.

"Oh one sec!" Jenny yelled as she ran up to her room. She returned 5 minutes later holding something in her hand. "Found it you think the medallion will work on this." She said holding up a tiny dress in her hand.

"I don't see why not but you sure you want to be tiny? Why don't you try something else." Mom said cautiously knowing though that Jenny would still want to go ahead with it like she did most things once she had set her mind to it.

"I sure am, and I'm not going to stop halfway." She said as she slipped the medallion over her head and with a moments hesitation touched the tiny dress to it. "Oh that was wierd!"

"What you feel a small tingle? I felt it too when i changed I just thought it was my mind playing a trick on me. Hmm you don't look to different yet though if the note is right it should take 30 minutes for you to change so this is alright. I hope you realize how small your going to be." Mom said.

"Yeah sis you'll be smaller than a pen. Where did you even get that dress you don't have any Barbie's?" Jake asked.

"Oh come one Barbie isn't the only doll out there. I got this from a Polly pocket set even smaller than what I would be as Barbie." She said excitedly while her mother seem to get even more worried. "Hmm I wonder how tall i am now?" She wondered as she walked over to the wall and marked with a pencil on the door frame.

"I wonder if you will look like Polly or yourself?" Jake asked while he took a seat on the couch watching his sister.

"I wouldn't thinks so since plastic is not a person, though this is magic so does logic really matter?" Mom said as she sat next to Jake stretching her new legs in front of her. "So Jake what are you going to try when Jenny is done?"

"I don't know but being supper tiny seems pretty cool right now." Jake said, just like the two to do the same thing and go at it hand in hand.

"Ughh sorry to break it to you bro but I only have girl tiny clothes so your going to have to be a girl if you want to join me in the land of the small." Jenny said. "Man I'm starting to feel small now." she added as she marked herself again and saw she had loss a good 4 inches already. From there the family just continued to watch as Jenny continued to shrink before their eyes. Soon Jenny was wearing her T-Shirt as a dress having tossed away her shorts and panties as they were then just too large for her. She had then climbed onto the coffe table that was in the middle of the room in-front of her family as she continued to shrink. Finally the T-Shirt had swallowed her whole.

"Wow I'm small! How much time is left?" Jenny said as she emerged from the T-Shirt holding the medallion and using it to cover up her body the best she could.

"You got about 5 min left, still a bit of height to lose then." Jake said and it did continue for 5 more min as Jenny anounced that she didn't feel any more changing walked over to the dress and put it on, a perfect fit.

"I guess I didn't change into Polly but I feel like I lost a little up here." She said gesturing to her chest. "I guess Polly still had some growing to do."

"Wow! your so tiny!" mom said as she leaned up close to her daughter. "your going to have to speak up though its a little hard to hear you."

"And your going to have to whisper!" Jenny yelled back. "How tall am I?"

"Well lets see." Jake said as he got a ruler. "you are about 4 inches."

"4 Inches! Thats Crazy don't ever leave me alone cause you guys will probly kill me with something or a bug would kill me." Jenny said with a hint of fear in her voice. "Well 'BIG' bro what are you going to do?"

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