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2. Betty Venus, Premier Instigato

1. You Are What You Wish

Betty Venus, Premier Instigator: Betty Hears a Wish

avatar on 2010-10-15 17:58:45

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It's a nice day out. Not too cold, not to warm. Most of the world would call this "Spring," and I guess I do, too.

I stumble around my room, getting ready to go to school. Normal day, so far. Something in my gut tells me it won't stay that way, but something in my gut always says that. My name is Betty Venus, and I'm proud to call myself Lake Point High School's premier investigator, even if several teachers and staff member take significantly less pride in calling me the school's premier instigator.

I hate my English teacher, and I think he's a dork.

So I'm eating breakfast, rewarmed pizza rolls like usual, when I hear my neighbor from outside the kitchen window. My surveillance instincts kick in, and I subconsciously record what he says as I eat.

"Oh god, I shouldn't have shown this to Karyn." He's talking to himself. That's not too unusual for Jon when he thinks he's alone. He's kind of a weird kid. "I knew she was impulsive, I should have known she'd make a mistake. It's my fault she was holding the rock, and it's my fault she got herself changed." My keen senses know something's up, but they also know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'll take in what he's said after these pizza rolls are gone, I tell myself. "If only I'd been more careful. If only I'd had a little more foresight. I almost wish I wasn't Karyn's friend in the first place so this couldn't have happened." He's being his normal, whiny self. Maybe this wasn't so interesting after all. "Oh shit, what have I done?"

Swearing. That's new.

I pop the last pizza roll into my mouth and push my chair back from the table. I'm done here. Time to start tailing my lead.

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