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9. This Man is Mine!

8. A Grand Day Out

7. Exhibitionism Untamed

6. I Need to Talk to Paul

5. Bath Time

4. Waking Up The Next Day

3. Getting Home

2. Wished into a MILF

1. The Drafting Board

This Man is Mine!

on 2023-01-12 03:23:27

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Eager for more, I left the water and embraced him on the bank before he could react. Pushing him to the ground, I almost ripped his trousers as I pulled them down with vigour, straddling him and sliding myself down his thick meaty rod. I was so wet and ready that I made it all the way down to the hilt in a single fell swoop without resistance. I paused there for a moment, experiencing a fullness I’d never been able to comprehend before but had unconsciously desired these last few weeks. I loved this feeling and couldn’t bring myself to retreat just yet. Instead I ground my hips into his, circling his cock whilst pressed as tightly as I could against him. What I felt was indescribable. Pure ecstasy in it’s divinest form.

He must’ve noticed how I was unable to move and like a real man he used that opportunity to take charge. Grasping my hips, he rolled me over onto my back, my breasts falling into my armpits as I raised my hands above my head, framing my face as I game him full access to my body. In that moment I was his and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

He pounded into me for what felt like hours, my mind awash with endorphins as my body received the workout of it’s life, rippling and jiggling as he relentlessly invaded my pussy. He came inside me for the final time before collapsing ontop of me, well and truly spent. We drifted off to sleep on that riverbank, his cock still very much inside me.

As we readied ourselves for the walk back to the car, I found myself leaning on the nearby fence and staring longingly at my friend. After what we’d shared together today I’m sure we’re now far more than just friends. I was his MILF and he was my young virile stud. I’m 99% sure that we’re a couple now, but I think I’ll give him a few more auditions first…just to be sure.

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