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8. A Grand Day Out

7. Exhibitionism Untamed

6. I Need to Talk to Paul

5. Bath Time

4. Waking Up The Next Day

3. Getting Home

2. Wished into a MILF

1. The Drafting Board

A Grand Day Out

on 2023-01-12 03:22:56

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Paul felt increasingly guilty that I was cooped up in our apartment every day. Nearly 2 weeks after my MILFification he invited me out. He knew a place off the beaten track where I could be outside and enjoy nature without being disturbed by anyone else. We walked for a while through the forest before coming to the river. He started setting up out picnic on the bank, but feeling energetic I’d already dived into the river, enjoying the refreshing feeling of the water on my skin on this hot summer’s day. Staying crouched I enjoyed the coolness of the water for a while, the current gently caressing my curves as it flowed past me. Eyeing up Paul on the bank game me an idea. I could put on a show here he’d never be able to resist! The idea alone had my pussy gushing, my lips brushing against my panties as they rose outwards. Staring him straight in the eye I began bouncing up and down, cradling my breasts as I went.

I must’ve been such a sight - no straight man could resist this smokeshow! A bouncing, jiggling mass of feminine flesh, moving and flowing in a manner meant only to arouse. It worked. He was staring at me, mouth agape, his eyes locked onto my bosom, his eyeballs following my jiggling masses as they rose and fell in tandem, splashing and crashing as they went. I’ve never been more aroused in my life and I was loving it! I’ll never admit it to Paul, but I came from the sensations I was feeling and from the lustful gaze of the man I’d been teasing for so long.

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