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6. I Need to Talk to Paul

5. Bath Time

4. Waking Up The Next Day

3. Getting Home

2. Wished into a MILF

1. The Drafting Board

I Need to Talk to Paul

on 2023-01-12 03:21:01

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Finally I finished drying myself off, the towel having been so rough against my sensitive parts, I moved back to my room to dress myself. It took a lot of digging though drawers, but I finally found something I convinced myself would fit this curvaceous body, providing enough cover than I could walk around the apartment without exposing myself to Paul. There was a quick burst of excitement in my mind. Trying to get my thoughts back under control, I found I was biting my lip at the prospect of showing myself off to him. It was a strangely appealing idea, something the real me would’ve absolutely hated, yet was such an alluring concept to me now.

Shaking my head to clear the thoughts, I made for the living room, eager to regroup with Paul, hoping my friend would be the comfort I needed right now. And comfort me he did, but not quite in the way I’d been expecting. We talked for over an hour about what had transpired, how his wishes seemed to come off perfectly, but how mine had been twisted against me. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but couldn’t deny that there was also an attraction there. One I wasn’t willing to admit to just yet. I could see how he looked at me. I knew full well the effect this body would have on a man, especially someone like Paul who had similar tastes to my own. My eyes lingered on him for longer than they should, tracing his newly buffed-up body. I was intrigued. I’d seen him topless before, but like me his physique had changed yesterday, immeasurably for the better!

As our conversation continued, I found myself increasingly uncomfortable. My chest was getting itchier by the minute and I felt a growing sense of anxiety. Time continued to pass and the itching grew to a burning, the anxiety crescendoing to fever pitch until I jumped up from the couch and yanked my top up over my breasts.

I had no idea why I’d done that, my body had acted on it’s own, but it was an instant relief! My cheeks burned and flushed red as I felt Paul’s eyes transfixed on my chest. Part of me wanted to cover myself up again, to reclaim my modesty infront of my friend, but a growing part of me didn’t. It felt almost therapeutic to have my tits exposed to the air, to have someone ogle me and appreciate my form.

Paul eventually snapped out from being mesmerised by my breasts, clearing his throat and attempting to look away, but I could see him keep sneaking glances. He asked that I cover up, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. When I didn’t, he began to insist. Pulling my top over my head and throwing it to the floor, I replied that I couldn’t, telling him that my girls needed to be free! The thought resonated in my mind. These breasts need to breathe, they’re meant to be on display, to be showcased to anyone and everyone around me. Laying back on the sofa, I offered up the perfect view of my mature body for his approval.

Paul sat stunned for a moment until it came to him. One of my demands to the genie had been that my dream MILF be a compulsive exhibitionist.

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