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5. Bath Time

4. Waking Up The Next Day

3. Getting Home

2. Wished into a MILF

1. The Drafting Board

Bath Time

on 2023-01-12 03:20:09

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After sitting there a while it occurred to me that my skin, whilst much smoother and softer than when I’d woken up yesterday, had a coarseness to it. A layer of something gritty that felt somewhat stuck to me. Of course – it was the salty residue from all the time I’d spend splashing about in the seawater yesterday. I needed a bath! Knowing I couldn’t go the rest of my life without bathing or seeing myself in the mirror, I took a moment to psyche myself up, grabbed a towel from my closet, wrapped it around my waist and walked to the bathroom.

Closing the door behind me, my eyes cast towards the floor I slowly approached the mirror. God, these milk tankers are so big I can’t see my feet. The mirror was infront of me. All I had to do was look up. She’d be there. The woman of my dreams. The MILF I’d fantasised about for years. In all her glory: buxom, curvaceous, a bountiful brunette beauty…It’s just a shame she was me!

It was time. I couldn’t put it off any longer. I turned my head upwards, my eyes meeting their own reflection. She was everything I’d dreamed of! Soft kissable lips, long silky brunette hair, a full figure without being too plump, a few hints at her age; the odd stretch mark, a single silver hair, eyes that bore wisdom well beyond my years, and of course…those breasts. I know I’ve already hefted their weight for half a day, but only now I see them in the mirror do I truly comprehend their enormity. It took a moment, but I manged to tear my eyes away from my chest and refocus on my face. My eyes have changed colour! My bright blue eyes have gone and they’re hazel now. How did I miss that before? I leant in for a closer look, my new chest puling me downward as I bent, swinging slightly as they dangled below me. Bringing my hand up to my face, my fingers brushed against my soft skin. There was a slight chubbiness to my cheeks that gave my face a refined curved look. Pinching myself, it was surreal to be able to stretch the blemishless skin somewhat between my fingers without my chin feeling the movement. My skin definitely was stretchier than it had been yesterday.

Standing back to once again gaze upon my whole form, it occurred to me that I was older now. I’d gained almost a quarter of a century! No longer was I a man in my early-twenties. I was a mature woman. One bodacious enough to command the attention of any man she wanted. My mind lingered on men for longer than I would’ve liked. But there was something else. An alien feeling between my legs. A slight twitch. Something felt abit…wet?

Only now clocking what being a woman truly meant, I ripped the towel off, quickly dropping my pants. I stumbled, my abrupt downward movement had caused my pendulous breasts to pull me off-balance. Gripping the counter to steady myself, I stood back upright, looking into the mirror at my empty crotch. But it wasn’t empty. Not quite. There, nestled discretely between my legs, was a vagina. As per my dream MILF, it was completely hairless, the lips having swelled forth slightly as it moistened, as if it were a flower blooming ready for pollination. And that’s exactly what it was. The human equivalent of petals; there to attract a mate who would fertilise me.

I mentally shuddered at that thought. It just wasn’t worth thinking about. Yesterday I was a man, completely at home in my masculinity and now I’m this mature woman, ripe and ready for the taking. I need a bath and I need it now! As I began running the water, I felt compelled to add bubblebath. Strange…I haven’t used that for years! I tried stretching for the cupboard, pushing myself up onto my tiptoes, but I couldn’t quite reach. Damn my love of shortstacks…I can’t be a much over 5’4” now! I muttered to myself as I retrieved the stepladder from the hallway cupboard. Still not used to my new body, my balance was a tad precarious as I scaled those few rungs, but I managed to retrieve the bottle without incident. The cap was stiff, but I got it open after a few attempts and poured some of the mix into the tub, watching as it frothed forth. I couldn’t run the bath as hot as I used to as my skin was more sensitive now, so I mixed in more cold water until it was just right. Having seen women tie their hair up on TV when taking a bath I decided to do the same, not wanting to have to deal with washing or drying these voluminous locks.

Clambering into the tub was less elegant than I’d like, having to raise my knees very high to clear the rim. But it was all worth it when I sank into the heavenly water, the bubbles tickling my skin ever so slightly as they brushed against me, some of them popping on contact. I lay back and closed my eyes, taking a moment to relax for the first time since the incident. It didn’t last long. My mind reeled at the events of the last day and at the beauty I’d become. If I were still me, I’d absolutely pursue this woman. She was perfect…I was perfect. Thinking about this body excited my mind greatly…but my body wasn’t reacting. Strange. I know I’m not a man anymore, so I can’t expect a ranging hardon, but there should be something…right? I know I’d felt it earlier. My pussy had responded when I was looking in the mirror, but why not now…? Then I remembered. She hadn’t reacted to what I’d seen in the mirror. She’d awoken at the thought of being pursued by a man. I wanted to gag at the thought, but again, my body overruled me. My lips twitched slightly as I felt them loosening. I’m sure she was likely getting wet too, but I couldn’t tell in the bath. My nipples hardened, feeling as if I had 2 pencil erasers stuck to the end of my boobs as they proudly pushed outwards.

Thinking about my boobs, there was a strange sense of weightlessness. I couldn’t feel my breasts pulling down on my back anymore. Instead, it felt almost as if they were weightless. As if they were…floating? Opening my eyes, I looked down and to my surprise they were indeed somewhat floating, held semi-submerged in the bathwater. My movement inadvertently caused the water to start sloshing around the tub, my buoyant breasts being bashed around as they were assaulted by the waves.

Between my increasingly erotic thoughts and the stimulation I was receiving from the tempestuous bathwater, my chest torpedoes were primed and ready to explode with pleasure on contact with a man. Try as I might, I couldn’t deny that the thought of a man caressing these breasts was deliciously appealing to this horny body. My mind wandered further, imagining myself being held in his strong arms, pulled into his muscled chest as mine squished against him, my nipples rubbing against his hard abs. Feeling his manhood swell, pushing into my stomach as he lusted after me…NO, I can’t loose myself to this! I need to quickly finish washing and get dressed!

Yanking the plug out, I turned to reach for the bottle of shower gel but I was suddenly very distracted by the strangely pleasurable sensation of the bathwater flowing past me, being pulled between my legs towards the drain, brushing past my delicate womanhood as it went. Even completely submerged I knew this was making me wetter still. Wanting these sensations to end, I rose to my knees, not yet confident enough in my new body to stand in the slippery tub, but enough to remove my traitorous nethers from the water. There was still a swathe of bubbles that continued to tickle my skin as gravity pulled them slowly downwards back towards the bath, a sensation that too wasn’t unpleasurable.

Grabbing the shower gel, I squirted a generous dollop onto my hands and began feverous rubbing it into my chest. That may’ve been a mistake…The sensations were like nothing I’d ever experienced in my life! Pleasure danced through my tits as I stroked, caressed and pawed at them. They slipped through my hands and past my fingers as they were lubricated by the gel. My nipples were especially excited as they brushed across my hands, being tweaked by my fingers as they glided past.

I’ll admit, I became somewhat lost in the pleasure for a while, but I did eventually come round, but not before having brought myself to orgasm by simply massaging my soaped-up breasts.

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