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3. Getting Home

2. Wished into a MILF

1. The Drafting Board

Getting Home

on 2023-01-12 03:16:57

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Exhausted and resigning myself to this fate, I asked Paul to help me up and we walked slowly back to his car. He’d offered me a towel, which I draped over my shoulders to try and regain some level of modesty – my white shirt was completely see-through in it’s soaked state and most of the buttons had exploded off as my chest swelled into existence.

The drive home was painfully silent. Paul too nervous to say anything he thought might upset me further and me too tired to care about anything at this moment. My new body jiggled and wobbled as he drove. The first pothole was a real eye-opener as this body shook like jelly, my huge tits leaping off my belly before crashing back down creating a shockwave of jiggling flesh. Frowning, I tried resting my arms ontop of these masses to mute their rhythmic movements. It certainly wasn’t comfortable and the sensations of pressing into soft boob flesh with my arms and actually feeling it in my chest too disturbed me greatly.

Thankfully the ride home wasn’t very long. I struggled to stand, having to use the frame and the door to support my weight as I lifted myself from the vehicle. My whole sense of balance had been thrown way off by this new body, compounded by how much weaker I felt in this form. Frustrated by this whole situation, tired from the hours of searching and desperately needing some alone time, I headed straight to my bedroom; flopping down on the bed, wanting nothing more than to squeeze my eyes closed and beg for the sweet respite of sleep.

In my haste I hadn’t considered how this body differed from my old one. As I was crashing down onto my bed in the manner I always had before, I’d trapped and squished one of these humungous new mammaries into the mattress, my whole weight falling on it. God it was painful. I’d rolled over onto my back pretty quickly to release it, but the damage was already done. As I lay there with my eyes closed, trying not to think about what had happened to me, all I could feel was the weight of these new mountains pressing down onto me and the throbbing sensations from the breast I’d fallen on. My mind kept racing, thinking back to the genie…the wishes…the smirk on his face as he twisted my own wants against me…the feeling of my body shifting, changing, shaping and trapping me into this form I’d desired for another…How angry I’d been and in that split-second moment of stupidity…How I’d thrown away my only lifeline…My only way back to becoming the real me… These thoughts kept twisting in my mind until finally sleep embraced me.

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