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2. Wished into a MILF

1. The Drafting Board

Wished into a MILF

on 2023-01-12 03:16:07

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“Give it up Frank, the lamp’s gone.”
“Easy for you to say – you’re not stuck in this squishy body!”
“Don’t blame me dude, they were your wishes the genie fucked with not mine. Besides, it was you who threw the lamp out of anger after he changed you.”
“But there’s still hope, if I find it I can get someone else to wish me back, I can-“
“Bad idea man. Thanks to your own wish you’re now in the body of a MILF with an exhibitionist streak. Can you really trust that whoever you gave the lamp to would wish you back? Sounds like a one-way ticket to being stuck as someone’s obedient MILF maid to me! As much as you may hate it, I think you’re stuck like this.”
“But I can’t be! I have my whole life ahead of me, I have-“
“Don’t make me laugh! You’re unemployed, got next-to-nothing in the bank, you’re estranged from your family and the only friend you have in the world is me. Even if you did find the lamp, it won’t help you.”

I shot him the stink-eye before continuing the search on my hands and knees, desperately feeling around for the lamp. I know I threw it this way - it must be here somewhere! Paul sighed before getting to his knees beside me and began helping me feel around for it. I hated how he’d given up on changing me back so easily, but I couldn’t help but be a little thankful that he was still helping me.

We searched until nightfall, but he was right. The lamp was gone. I was well and truly stuck like this. In this soft and curvy body. My gargantuan new chest pulling me ever forwards, putting a lot of strain my back and shoulders, who were completely unused to their immense weight. Luckily there hadn’t been anyone else around, so no one else had seen me in this state with my chest completely exposed. I must’ve been quite the sight. Not that I’ve seen myself yet. I’d been far too busy looking for the lamp, so determined had I been that this body wouldn’t be mine. But with the lamp gone, I guess this is me now.

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