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New Story: The Magic Rock Brewery

on 2023-01-08 17:30:54

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Hello, long-time reader here. I just posted the first 48 episodes in The Drafting Board for a new story concept called The Magic Rock Brewery. I hope you enjoy. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

I've been following TF content since the late 90s GeoCities websites and Fictionmania. I also frequent TGComics, TFGames, caption blogs and DeviantArt. I finally motivated myself to create and contribute some content here.

I was inspired by the Labatt Blue "Better Ex" commercial. It was a fun 30 seconds with no explanation or follow-up. I decided to create a place where beers like that were real. The bar and characters are an homage to YAWYW, as drinking-age college students who never found the magic wishing stone. I also enlisted the aid of ChatGPT for this, which I found to be an interesting collaborator that was fun to bounce "what ifs" off and see what happened.

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