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13. MRB – Leonard Becomes Kitty

12. MRB – Vixen Becomes Cruel

11. MRB – Sexy Chaos Ensues at the

10. MRB – They Go to a Sci-Fi Conv

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4. MRB - Sean Becomes an Anime Gi

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2. The Magic Rock Brewery

1. The Drafting Board

MRB – Leonard Becomes Kitty

on 2023-01-07 20:57:09

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Erin realized that the answer lay with Leonard. His inner nature was what was causing all of this chaos, and she knew that they needed to change him in order to stop Vixen. She ordered Virago, who had reached max level with giant heaving breasts, to transform Leonard into an anime girl named Kitty, who was extremely docile and demure.

Virago did as she was told, using her powers to transform Leonard into Kitty. As soon as the transformation was complete, Vixen's powers dissipated, and Sean was able to reassert his own persona.

The friends took stock of the convention, which was filled with people still transformed into wild sexual forms. As the pheromones began to recede, they started to panic at what had been done to them.

Kitty, realizing that her powers were fueled by pleasing others, eagerly began to use her abilities to reverse the transformations. Erin, an expert on anime powers, ordered her to change everyone back, and she quickly complied.

It was a long and difficult process, but eventually everyone was returned to their normal selves. The convention goers were grateful, and the friends were relieved that the ordeal was finally over.

The others were initially angry with Leonard, but as Kitty, he expressed deep remorse and admitted that his selfishness and cruelty were unforgivable. They discussed what to do with him, then Erin and Sean came up with an idea that would please everyone.

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