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11. MRB – Sexy Chaos Ensues at the

10. MRB – They Go to a Sci-Fi Conv

9. MRB – Level Up!

8. MRB – Not Your Typical Superhe

7. MRB – They Travel to Erin’s Pl

6. MRB – Brody Becomes Virago

5. MRB – Not Just Any Anime Girl.

4. MRB - Sean Becomes an Anime Gi

3. MRB - Fantasy IPA

2. The Magic Rock Brewery

1. The Drafting Board

MRB – Sexy Chaos Ensues at the Convention

on 2023-01-07 20:56:09

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Erin's fears were proved correct when Sean inadvertently activated a new ability, releasing a pheromone into the crowd that instantly brought everyone to peak arousal. Everywhere they looked, people were making out, unable to control their desire for each other.

Sean and Brody were shocked, but they couldn't help but be amused by the situation. They were starting to fall more into their characters. They started thinking of themselves only as Vixen and Virago, and they were looking for other ways to cause sexy mischief.

Erin tried to intervene, trying to stop the chaos, but it was too late. The pheromones were too powerful, and everyone was caught up in the moment.

As the day went on, the situation only escalated, with Vixen and Virago using their powers to bring even more people to orgasm, and leveling up even further. It was a wild, hedonistic ride, and they knew that they would never forget it.

Leonard was having the time of his life, enjoying the chaos and reveling in the power that Vixen and Virago had brought him. He was taking advantage of the situation, using their powers to bring as many people to orgasm as possible.

Vixen seemed to reflect Leonard's own desires, embracing her role as a seductress and taking pleasure in manipulating others for her own pleasure. But Virago was different. She displayed great empathy, using her powers to help strangers fulfill their own sexual dreams.

Erin realized that the potion was causing Vixen to behave like Leonard's perfect fantasy, while Virago was reflecting Erin's own kinder nature. She watched as Vixen and Virago engaged in all sorts of wild and hedonistic acts at the convention, bringing countless people to orgasm and leveling up even further.

Despite her reservations, Erin couldn't deny the excitement and pleasure that Vixen and Virago were experiencing. She was caught up in the moment, and she knew that this would be a day that none of them would ever forget.

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